Unity Coalition holds rally to prevent second civil war

Jace Harper, WILX10 - October 17

There was a lot of attention directed at the Michigan State Capitol on Saturday as the Unity Coalition belonging to the Boogaloo Bois invited social justice groups, such as Black Lives Matter, to mingle. One spokesperson said 'We are trying to prevent a second civil war. 

Foiled kidnapping plot in Michigan offers a taste of what civil war in US could look like

Roberto Zanini, il manifesto

Some have been fearing civil war if the president refuses to accept his looming defeat and tries to snatch victory from a friendly court like the Supreme Court. Is this alarmism? There was a foretaste of it in Michigan.

"A Social Civil War"

Brett Shipp, Spectrum News1

We seem to be departing from the way of fighting out our disagreements in the political arena and moving toward fighting them out in the streets.

Let's consider a national 'divorce' so Americans can stay friends

Joe Mathews, Desert Sun

Division and cold civil war are our natural states, as befits a country that venerates its founding divorce filing, the Declaration of Independence. The path to peace is through disunity in America.

'This is Digital Civil War’: NY Post Editor Fumes After Facebook and Twitter Censor Biden Bombshell

Debra Heine, American Greatness

When Facebook and Twitter tried to prevent the spread of a story about Hunter and Joe Biden's dealings with Ukraine, it became a whole second story all itself.

FBI raids members of Boogaloo movement who hope for a second civil war

Mike Usery, The Dundalk Eagle

What is the Boogaloo movemnet, and what is its connection to civil war? Here's a description.

One place with all the latest articles, videos, and podcasts on the prospect of a new civil war

"We Are Now In a Civil War"

LaRouche PAC

"We Are Now In a Civil War" under this title, NSA whistle blowers Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe spoke yesterday at a press availability organized by LaRouchePAC to expose the continuing lawlessness of the shadow government, which has been running the regime change coup against President Trump for nearly four years. Today we explore issues raised by discoveries on Hunter Biden's laptop, and...

How America Could Fall (with David French)

Free Thoughts

The U.S. is less united than at any time in our history since the Civil War. We are more diverse in our beliefs and culture than ever before. But red and blue states, secular and religious groups, liberal and conservative idealists, and Republican and Democratic representatives all have one thing in common: each believes their distinct cultures and liberties are being threatened by an escalating violent opposition.

The most recent episodes of Michael Vlahos's conversation with John Batchelor about the prospect of a new American civil war.

Populism vs Elite America 1992-2020 AD & Populares vs Optimates Rome 133-88 BCE

October 23, 2020

Is the US on the Roman road from a Republic to a Dictatorship?

October 23, 2020


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