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The most recent episodes of Michael Vlahos's conversation with John Batchelor about the prospect of a new American civil war.

Gaius and Germanicus watch the sharks in the Thames as they debate the plague and Optimates successes at rule

November 14, 2021

Romans on the Danube, 90AD, just like Americans on the Black Sea, 2021 AD

November 13, 2021

In the coming second American Civil War, which side are you on?

Chauncey Devega, Salon

The prospect of a second American Civil War may seem wildly unlikely, or not even logistically feasible. But if it were to happen, such an outcome would not be based on empirical facts, reality or the complexities and nuances of public opinion polls.

America threatened with second ‘civil war’

Zach Freeman, The Battalion

Another civil war? What would have sounded like ridiculous Boogaloo conspiracies just a few years ago is now common political messaging for American conservatives. To understand why we’re in this situation, we have to first go back to the root of the issue. Today’s politics are informed by the conditions of the past. Everything from Black Lives Matter to Confederate statues are directly tied to the post-Reconstruction era. Americans need...

Nearly 1 in 3 Republicans believe VIOLENCE may be necessary to ‘save America,’ poll shows

Unknown, RT News

According to a new poll by the Public Religion Research Institute, about 30% of Republicans and more than one in six independents believe that “true American patriots” might be forced to take violent action to prevent the country’s downfall. The idea that America is too broken to be peacefully restored seems to be rising in popularity. A Zogby Analytics poll released in February – right on the heels of the US Capitol riot – found that 16% ...

A separation, if we can keep it

Joe Strader, American Thinker

The troubles within our country have created a fractured union that is on the verge of dissolution. Serious discussions about secession have become common, with people predicting a second civil war. By the Founders' design, we were actually meant to be more independent and separate than we are today. If we had maintained this designed separation, we would not be on the precipice of secession or civil war. The separate...

Will the Cold Civil War Turn Hot?

The Andrew Klavan Show 

America is dividing again into free states and slave states...can we heal the divide?

The LEFT Warns of a Coming CIVIL WAR!!!

Turley Talks 

Even the far-left is recognizing that a civil war may indeed be imminent, but given that they don’t understand why it’s happening or what’s really at stake, I don’t think the outcome of whatever scenario unfolds will even remotely be in their favor.

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