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One place with all the latest articles, videos, and podcasts on the prospect of a new civil war

The most recent episodes of Michael Vlahos's conversation with John Batchelor about the prospect of a new American civil war.

The Roman Pontificate, the Vestal Virgins, and Court-Packing

April 16, 2021

America's Prolonged Civil War

Harlan Ullman, Daily times 

After Robert E. Lee and his officers surrendered at Appomattox court house, Ulysses S. Grant agreed to pardon them from charges of treason provided they maintained terms of parole. Afterwards, though, others tried to bring civil charges against Lee and his officers, threatening unending reprisals for the war. Grant, in his wisdom, urged the country to heal and to keep the terms he had agreed to at Appomattox. 160 yea...

The Boogaloo movement's new strategy to cooperate with radical left-wing groups

Editors, Al Jazeera

The anti-government Boogaloo movement is seeking to distance itself from radical right-wing groups and instead cooperate with radical anarchist and left-wing groups in a strategy to try to overhthrow the US government from within. The latest tactic, called "agorism," is a plan to work with community organizers throughout the country to try to bleed the government dry of tax revenues, bringing the government to a standstill. The...

New play explores racism and protecting "Blackness" in a post-second civil war America

Editors, Yale News

Rachel Lynett's new place is set in the fictional world of a post-second Civil War. Bronx Bay, an all-Black state is established in order to protect “Blackness.” As Jules’ new partner, Yael, moves into town, community members argue whether Yael, who is Dominican, can stay. Questions of safety and protection surround both Jules and Yael as the utopia of Bronx Bay confronts where the line is when it comes to defining who is Black an...

Frontline: Documentary "American Insurrection" and Boogaloo Bois

Gisela Pérez de Acaha, Kathryn Hurd, and Ellie Lightfoot, PBS

An extensive examination of Boogaloo Boy Steven Carrillo's attempt to start a second civil war and the connection with the wider increase in domestic militia groups. Also included here a video of the full-length Frontline documentary "American Insurrection"

Democracy dies when the media lies

Ramech Thakur, Spectator: Australia

America's mainstream media has an evident bias against conservatives, but its support of the effort to destroy Donald Trump with stories such as the Russia Collusion hoax have weakened America's foreign policy now. Rather than democracy dying in darkness, it dies when the media lies.

The New Civil War: Blue States Soak The Rich; Red States Sue To Cut Taxes

Sarah Hansen and Janet Novack, Forbes - April 10

The Trump administration's corporate tax breaks affected Blue states more than Red because the budgets of the former are more dependent on corporate revenues than the latter. Now leaders in Blue states are hoping that Democrats in Congress will reverse the Trump tax reforms and relieve them of the need to raise state corporate tax rates. This divide between Red and Blue states is yet another example of how Americans are incr...

The Coming Civil War

The Michael Savage Show

We’re in the first stages of a civil war; our top military advisors have been pushed away by Biden; our foreign policy will lead to more wars; Biden allowing Covid infected illegals into the country with help from leftist groups; what the CIA has to say about insurgency movements; Stalin started with hate and led to atrocities, then totalitarianism; Lincoln was authoritarian during the American Civil War; the economic...

Divided We Stand: Can diversity be our strength?

Democracy Forum 

Whether this is one of the most divided moments in American history. How have these fractured moments come up in our prior history? What role is the emergence of multiracial democracy playing in this current divisive moment? What role has race played in the divisions of the past? Can a polity come back from such serious fragmentation? How have we gotten past it before, or have we?

The Culture Civil War

The Elan Morrison Program

We need to end the white supremacy of black people attacking Asians! BLM leader bought 4 houses... despite supposedly being a Marxist. An ad from Patrisse Khan-Cullors. Ivanka got her vaccine, and liberals wished her nothing but well... Inflation is on the rise. In Canada (and America, but we don't discuss that now) fascism is on the rise. Another black man was killed by cops and people rioted...


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