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The most recent episodes of Michael Vlahos's conversation with John Batchelor about the prospect of a new American civil war.

Is Woke weakening & What is to be done?

part 1

June 5, 2021

Is Woke weakening & What is to be done?

part 2

June 5, 2021

Toward A Critical Woke Theory

Lewis M. Andrews, The American Conservative 

We need to stop treating Critical Race Theory as a serious argument and, instead, come to a better understanding of what its advocates only pretend to possess: a credible explanation for their own behavior

Trump's war on reality makes political violence nearly certain the next time an election is close

Travis Gettys, RawStory 

Donald Trump nearly caused a civil war on January 6, but the precedent he set for doubting elections may doom our hopes of peaceful transfers of power in the future if elections continue to be close.

The Trump-controlled GOP is ready to spark another civil war

Howard Englander, Chicago Now

When the GOP kicked out Liz Chaney from leadership, they let it be known that they still believe that Trump won the 2020 election, and that means they do not consider Biden legitimate. This condition of a prevalent belief in the illegitimacy of the leader is the prime cause for civil war. Yes, we should be worried.

The threat of civil war didn't end with the Trump presidency

Damon Linker, The Week 

The chilling events of Jan. 6 were made possible by profoundly deep differences between Democrats and Republicans — not over policy or morals, but over reality itself. What if the doubt that surrounded the legitimacy of the 2020 election for many people carries over into our next elections? If that doubt continues to grow and we continue to have close elections, it could easily lead to a breakdown in civil society and even civil war.

Censorship, Masks, Vaccines, Right, and Revolution

Angelo Codevilla, American Greatness 

The media institutions that effectively determine what is and is not legitimate political speech pretend to defend "democracy," but in reality they are a ruthless oligarchy that rules the rest of the country by right of their mere ability to overpower all other voices. In this way, they are no different from every tyrant who rules by the principle that 'might makes right.'

America – a deeply flawed democracy on the verge of civil war

Alex Lo, South China Morning Post 

Americans are now dangerously close to experiencing a new civil war, but they don't realize it. The reason most Americans can’t imagine a second civil war here is because they’re thinking about the first one. They’re thinking about Gettysburg and big, large conventional armies fighting on the battlefield. But that’s not the way it’s going to happen. Ultimately, if civil war happens in the United States, it will be more like a Siege of Terror: more like what we saw in Northern Ireland or in Israel.

Headed For Another Civil War? The Indirect Approach for the Win. The Fear of Blood?

Jocko Wilink, Jocko Podcast 

The indirect approach wins. The direct approach loses. Are we headed for another civil war in America?

Pipeline Hack, the Feds and Antifa, & A New Civil War (w/ Naresh Vissa)

Saving America

My guest this week is podcaster, bestselling author, and modern Renaissance man Naresh Vissa, who joins me to discuss the evolving New American Civil War.

Billionaire Con Exposed

The Hartmann Report

As this nation recovers from a deadly pandemic and right-wing hate groups that are trying to provoke a second Civil War, let’s remember how this all came about. And all for a few extra pieces of gold.

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