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About Us

Who we are

We are politically engaged citizens concerned that the political division in the United States could be leading toward an actual civil war. 


We founded this site because we noticed that a lot of people were talking about this possibility, and we think our fellow citizens will be interested to see the totality of civil war rhetoric--from both sides of the political aisle--all in one place so they can follow the development of this issue, stay informed, and draw their own conclusions.


We know from history that the condition of civil war usually prevails before actual fighting takes place. Most people do not know they are in a civil war until it is already upon them. Thus we hope to inform citizens.


Further, we think that by showing citizens from Left and Right the opinions of both sides, the passions of each might be tempered. Thus we hope to prevent an otherwise cold civil war from becoming hot.


Soon we will solicit original content aimed at analyzing and articulating the nature of the division in American society as well as any potential path toward unity. We hope you will join us and support our efforts by spreading the word about this site, submitting original essays, or by alerting us to content pertinent to this topic.

We recently published an article in American Greatness explaining our purpose and intentions in greater detail. You can read that short article here.

Any opinions or views expressed in this site do not necessarily express our views or opinions nor do they express the opinions or views of our employers.

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