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August 2020

Trump's civil war reelection scheme

Will Bunch, Philadelphia Inquirer - August 30

The violence and civil unrest in Portland and Kenosha is starting to resemble civil war, and President Trump seems to be encouraging it as a way to scare voters into reelecting him.. #Portland #PortlandRiots #Kenosha #KenoshaRiots #KyleRittenhouse

A House Divided

Tal Bachman, Steyn Online - August 31

The Republican National Convention was sensational, and yet as the last firework fizzled out, some melancholy seized me, and I wondered if the real story of the week wasn't the convention at all, or the upcoming debates, or even the winner of the 2020 election. I wondered if the real story was an irrevocable, worsening rupture no election victory could cure.

Longtime GOP consultant: This election "is the most dangerous period since the Civil War"

Chauncey Devega, Salon - August 31

A Never-Trumper describes how the GOP has decended to the place where it is warped into an engine of anti-American propaganda. It has brought division to this country like no other time since the Civil War.

White Supremacists Are Invading American Cities To Incite a Civil War

David Atkins, Washington Monthly - August 30

Trump is fomenting hate and white supremacy groups all over the country, and it is leading to increasing violence.

They Say They Want a Revolution … Count Me Out

Doni Chamberlain, anewscafe - August 30

We are headed for a perfect storm of civil unrest, and many people are starting to view it as justification to revolt against tyranny.

Stop a civil war before it starts

News-Press Now - August 30

Today Democrats and Republicans see each other as opponents, and they don't try to understand and breakdown the barriers between them. Daryl Davis is a man who leads as an example of what we can do to change that.

2020 has been a year dividing us into two Americas, and now we seem to be sliding closer to civil war

Rachel Swan, et al., San Francisco Chronicle - August 30

The tragedy unfolding in Kenosha, Wis., worsened overnight in ways that are at once shocking but also seemingly inevitable. Two people were shot dead and another wounded as protesters and self-styled militiamen faced off during a third night of street demonstrations after police on Sunday shot and gravely wounded yet another apparently unarmed Black man, Jacob Blake.

Militia groups are fomenting violence with their display of assault rifles

The Times Editorial Board, Los Angeles Times - August 30

Militia groups foment violence by bringing guns to an otherwise peaceful protest. They are to blame for the increase in violence.

In civil strife, violence only leads to more violence

Dave Zweifel, The Cap Times - August 30

It is precisely when rage is the right response that violence should be the last resort. The problem with using violence to oppose injustice is that violence creates injustices of its own. Always has, always will.

Trump 'likes' a Tweet defending Kyle Rittenhouse: he is risking civil war to save himself

Conover Kennard, Political Tribune - August 30

Trump liked a Tim Pool tweet defending Kyle Rittenhouse, and then Don. Jr. also liked it. Twitter then pounced on them.

Neither Law Nor Order, but Bloody Chaos: America on the verge of civil war

Joe Conason, The National Memo - August 29

Kellyanne Conway encouraged the violence around the country to continue, claiming that it only increased Trump's chances of re-election. This is an old trick that would-be tyrants often use to justify a heavy-handed response. Trump and his cronies will stop at nothing, even instigate a new civil war, to win the election.

Trump to consider invoking 'insurrection' law after demonstrators attack Rand Paul outside W.H.

Dave Boyer, The Washington Times - August 28

President Trump said Friday night he’s considering invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807 to deal with violent street protesters after Black Lives Matter activists attacked and harassed his supporters leaving the White House after the Republican National Convention.

American Sports Are The Gettysburg of our "cold civil war"

Jason Whitlock, Hillsdale College's Imprimis - August 29

American sports have become the Gettysburg of what some have called our “cold civil war.” And if China and the Left complete their radicalization of sports, our nation may never recover.

Why I protest agaisnt BLM in San Luis Obispo

Rich Donald, - August 28

These protesters don’t want to “influence change,” what they want to do is to destroy all of the things that allow any of us to feel pride in being American regardless of our individual races.

Spike Lee fears Trump will spark a new civil war

Kassidy Vavra, The Sun - August 28

Director Spike Lee tells CNN's Anderson Cooper that Trump could easily trigger a civil war by refusing to leave office if Biden is elected.

Radical leftist revolutionaries are trying to overthrow American society

Capstone Report - August 28

There's no denying that we are in a civil war right now. We need to fight back against those who would destroy American society. The way to prevent a revolution is not with arguments but with a counter-revolutionary movement. We need a new birth of freedom.

Spike Lee asks 'are we headed for Civil War?'

Leia Idliby and Anderson Cooper, Mediate - August 28

Anderson Cooper interviews Spike Lee about the recent shootings in Kenosha.

Professional athletes are doing what the president should, namely showing empathy

Thomas Boswell, The Washington Post - August 28

Abraham Lincoln didn't need to be a black slave to know slavery was wrong; he simply empathized with the oppressed. Trump refuses to do that. Thankfully, our professional athletes are stepping into that void.

Trump Is a Secessionist From the Top

David Frum, The Atlantic - August 28

Trump is a secessionist president; he only cares about his base, and thus he pulls the country apart. We are now two countries, with two separate conceptions of justice: it is Red America versus Blue America.

We are in a cold civil war

Anand Giridharadas, The.Ink - August 28

My sense after watching these two conventions is that we live in two countries impermeable to each other. We are locked in a cold civil war. Joe Biden has to win in November; he has to.

Wayne Dupree: the November election could easily lead to a civil war

Wayne Dupree, - August 28

Dupree lays out step by step how the November election could easily fall apart into civil war, starting with Dems proclaiming Pelosi 'placeholder' president until they manage to assure Biden of an election result.

This Looks Like the Beginning of a Civil War

Robert C. Koehler, The Smirking Chimp - August 28

In many ways, we are already in the midst of a civil war in this country, and neither side has any incentive to deescalate tensions.

Identity politics is an important factor in our cold civil war

Peter Sharikov, Valdai Club - August 28

Identity politics is an essential component of American politics, and identity politics is now a force at odds with the administration of government. This is leading to a conflict and tension in the US and a potential civil war.

Ukranian expert claims Russia's goal isn't to elect Trump or Biden, but to start civil war in America

Unian - August 27

Russia's meddling in US elections is not for the purpose of electing any specific candidate but rather to destabilize the whole process and lead America into civil war.

America is in difficult times, but we are NOT heading toward civil war

William Cooper, Standard-Examiner - August 27

NYT writer Thomas Friedman suggested that the 2020 election could prove the end the American democracy and throw us into civil war. America is resiliant, though, and we always overcome our difficulties, so we will overcome this one too.

In 1968, Gary Wills published 'The 2nd Civil War' about race relations. What he noted can help us today.

Rick Perlstein, New York Times - August 27

In 1968, Richard Nixon took advantage of the tumultuous times and promised to be a law and order president. Trump is following that same strategy. Also in 1968, Garry Wills published a book about police brutality against black people. It all seems so similar to day, and it is in many ways, but our times are unique too.

In Kenosha, The Seeds of Civil War

Scott Mckay, Spectator USA - August 27

The confrontation betwee Kyle Rittenhouse and BLM/Antifa members is exactly what we should be expecting since we've let tensions get so high in American politics.

America's Un-Civil War: Secularists vs. Believers

Foster Friess, RealClearPolitics - August 27

The nature of the political division in the US is related to the cultural divsion on the issue of religious faith.

This is Jim Snow America: A white kid following the rules is guilty, no matter what the facts say

The Z Man, - August 27

Kenosha reveals that there is an undeniable double-standard in the public's conception of justice right now: white people are presumed guilty until proven innocent (and even then still guilty), and black people are presumed innocent.

Jefferson's victory in the contentious election of 1800 provides example of how to prevent civil war

Clay Jenkinson, Governing - August 27

It is possible for our nation to heal, but it requires statesmanship. Thomas Jefferson provides an example.

Chaos in Kenosha: Will our civil war ever end?

Robert C. Koehler, Chicago Tribune - August 26

The violence does not appear to be ending. How many more police shootings must we witness before real change happens?

Shooting in Kenosha Just the Beginning of Civil War in America Says Prediction Expert

Megan Fox, PJMedia - August 26

The Kenosha shootings are just what we should expect from escalating violence and rhetoric of uncompromising civil unrest. The violence dialectic will continue unless the upheaval is put to an abrupt stop.

White House Siege Planned: Occupation starts Sept. 17 through Election Day

Harold W. Pease, Eagle Observer - August 26

Unidentified Leftist activists are planning a 50-day siege of the White House in order to sustain maximum pressure on President Trump if he were to contest the election for any reason.

Political tensions are reaching a fever pitch and Civil war is now possible if we don't turn this around.

J.D. Tuccile, Reason - August 26

This year began with high political tensions. Then the virus and the riots hit. Civil war is now possible if we don't turn this around.

Facebook labels Kyle Rittenhouse a "mass murderer" and vows to deplatform armed militia groups

Matt Binder, Mashable - August 26

Many right-wing militia groups organize on Facebook. It is possible that Kyle Rittenhouse was part of one of these groups and was organized by one of the Facebook groups.

Americans are more divided now than ever. We don't have to be

Jesse Monteagudo, Gay Today - August 25

Many Americans fear we are approaching #anewcivilwar. The only way to avoid war is by maintaining friendships with those with whom we disagree.

Looters in Kenosha are causing enough damage and loss of property to start #anewcivilwar

GOPUSA - August 25

The owner of Dale’s Jewelers says thieves took approximately $200,000 worth of jewelry and caused another $200,000 in damage. “That is not protesting,” said the owner of Dale’s Jewelers. “That is criminal. That’s criminal. All this is doing is bringing us to the brink of a Civil War.”

When the ‘Alt-Right’ Hit the Streets: Far-Right Political Rallies in the Trump Era

Cassie Miller and Howard Graves, Southern Poverty Law Center - August 10

Between 2016 and 2018, Americans witnessed a major upswing in street mobilization by far-right groups, making it one of the most active periods of on-the-ground, extremist activity in decades.

Will the fascist tendencies of Trumpism lead to a new civil war?

Richard Falk, Counter Punch - August 25

What is the future of Trumpism? "Trumpism will... be tested as to whether its fascist leanings and demagogic submission are sufficiently belligerent to launch a second American civil war rather than loosen their grip on state power."

Usually crisis brings our nation together; today we are more polarized than ever

Celinda Lake, Ed Goeas, and Mo Elleithee, RealClearPolitics - August 23

Usually, times of crisis bring Americans together, but according to recent polling, we are more polarized than ever, and the civility is breaking down.

What if Trump loses but won't leave the White House? A new book explores this threat to the election

Ron Chimelis and Lawrence Douglas, MassLive - August 25

Amherst College professor Lawrence Douglas's book, "Will He Go?" explores the possibility that Trump might be voted out of office, but refuse to leave, triggering an unprecedented constitutional crisis.

The Boogaloo Bois: Agents of Chaos

Leah Sottile, New York Times Magazine - August 19

It was a cool May morning in the state capital, Olympia, and low clouds were threatening to ruin the red, white and blue archway of balloons above the rally stage, the crepe paper behind it and the cut-out letters propped up in front that spelled “FREEDOM.”

Yes, this is fundamentally a Culturla Revolution against the United States

Abe Greenwald, Commentary - August 24

Important article arguing that the Left has created a powerful cultural revolution aimed at remaking American society entirely. It is #anewcivilwar aimed at #revolution.

A Tale of Two Tyrants: Charles I and Donald Trump

Frank Palmeri, History News Network - August 23

Donald Trump has said things that make him resemble the English tyrant Charles I. In that spirit, Trump may try to rouse his supporters into starting a new civil war if he is not re-elected.

Militia groups' popularity is growing in response to increased BLM protests

Julia Frankel, Mara Hoplamazian, and Malaika Tapper, Idaho Statesman - August 23

Militia groups in northern Idaho are growing in popularity and influence in response to BLM protests. If we are entereing a new civil war, then northern Idaho will be the capital of the confederacy.

Promoting a new civil war in America

B.B. Singer, Niagara Gazette - August 23

Evidence that we are in a cold civil war is that we are so ideologically divided right now. Some historical precedents.

Trump's behavior before the election makes this year feel like 1860

Ted Vaill, LA Progressive - August 23

Some people close to the president have said if he wins reelction, he plans to push his extreme policies no holds barred. He will 'become a Hitlerian dictatorship,' imprisoning and killing Democrats at will. We are at the beginning of a new civil war.

Civil unrest leads people to hoard guns, as if we are at the cusp of a new civil war.

Nancy Liebrecht, Bristol Herald Courier - August 22

Trump's lack of leadership has led to mass uncertainty and civil unrest. We now hear rumors of people stockpiling weapons for a new civil war.

Another American Revolution Is Brewing for November

Harold Pease, The Independent - August 22

Leftist activists are planning to lay siege to the White House of September 17th all the way through November 3rd. They will be primed by the media to remove Trump violently if they suspect--and they will--that he loses but contests the election.

The excitment of political party conventions masks a darker division beneath the surface

Judith Sherwin, American Thinker - August 21

I have thought about that moment a great deal in recent days as I watch what appears to be the unfolding of a new civil war in America.  Alas, that joyful Democrat's proclamation in 1976 was premature.  The Civil War is not over.

BLM mobs exploit the nation's lack of confidence over justice in regard to race

Cameron Hilditch, National Review - August 21

Lenin once advised to probe with bayonets, and if you find mush, push, and if you find steel, withdraw. BLM activists are probing with mob violence and finding mushy resistance from a lack of confidence in justice with regard to race in the United States.

We must teach our children that the story of America is one of hope, not oppression

Jeffrey Sikkenga, Chicago Tribune - August 20

Some people contend that these are part of America’s DNA, a product of the “white privilege” and “systemic racism” that must be highlighted in schools as defining characteristics of America. Until American history is taught this way, they say, we should cancel history classes.

Scientific authoritarianism and the virus that could cause a new civil war

David Klinghoffer, CNSNews - August 20

C.S. Lewis predicted the rise of authoritarianism in the form of scientism. Now the virus is part of the political divide that could erupt into civil war in the U.S.

Regardless of who is elected, it'll be civil war

Erik Rush, WND News - August 19

The two political camps are so divided in this country right now, that they are going on all in with the election in November. Whichever side loses might very well conclude they have nothing left to lose and that it is worth it to start a new civil war.

Response to Berkeley columnist's claim that 'This war can't be civil'

Stephen Frank, Citizens Journal - August 19

Stop the charade. The Regressives have made it clear, we are in a Civil War and violence is part of the effort. Either to make people fearfully of opposing the violence or silent in accepting it as government collapses around us.

Local NAACP leader predicts a new civil war if Biden/Harris aren't elected

Caitlyn Penter, WLOS13 - August 19

If things don’t change, people said they fear what comes next. “That we will have another civil war. There’s already division, and that would just escalate it even more,” said Melinda Lowrance, the president of Henderson County’s NAACP.

The loss of a shared culture, shared pieties, and shared nobility paves the way toward a new civil war.

Stephen B. Presser, American Greatness - August 19

Even in the midst of the Civil War, Americans had a shared humanity, piety, and nobility. Now all that is gone. We are now experiencing a new civil war.

Facebook purges 790 QAnon groups as the movement keeps growing 

Nick Statt, The Verge - August 19

Facebook considers QAnon as it does Boogaloo groups, a dangerous militia movement that peddles in conspiracy theories. 

A constitutional crisis in Washington?

John Gong, China Global Television Network (China state-controlled broadcaster) - August 19

Maybe it's true that Trump really is trying to start a new civil war by messing with the election.

Will 2020’s Election Be the End of Our Democracy?

Thomas L. Friedman, The New York Times - August 19

Here is a sentence I never in a million years thought that I would ever write or read: This November, for the first time in our history, the United States of America may not be able to conduct a free and fair election and, should President Trump be defeated by Joe Biden, have a legitimate and peaceful transfer of power.

Your Opinion: Another civil war is not the answer

Don Fleener, News Tribune - August 19

History by the Democratic Party is repeating itself. The Democratic Party thirst for power is endless and will do anything to regain it. If they wish to regain power do it in the proper way through the ballot box. We must learn from our history and not repeat the same mistakes again. A civil war is not the answer.

Sleepwalking Into Secession

Andrew Busch, The American Mind - August 18

Recently, the New York Times reported on a set of simulations run by a bipartisan group called the Transition Integrity Project. Both the Project itself and the mainstream media reports about it focused obsessively on fears that Donald Trump would refuse to accept the results if he lost the election.

A Second Civil War

Jeff Cann, The Good Men Project - August 18

From my small-town point of view, a second civil war—this time a culture war—has already started.

America Is In Civil War. (How We Can Diffuse This, Together.)

Brad Porteus, - August 17

If America were a car, Progressives are the gas pedal, pushing us forward, & Conservatives are the brake, keeping us from going over a cliff, but right now both are pedal-to-the-metal, and the screeching and smoking of our tires is evidence that things are getting too hot, ready to catch on fire. Let's learn to use our pedals constructively again.

New York Daily News reporter says Trump's tweet is proof we are in 'a cold civil war'

James Gordon, The Daily Mail - August 16

Trump retweeted Brandan Straka, founder of #WalkAway, calling for people to leave Democrat cities, to "let them rot," and Brandon Friedman of New York Daily News claims it is evidence we are in 'a cold civil war'.

Racism, QAnon and ‘cold civil war’: Inside the 20,000-strong Defend East County Facebook group

Andrew Dyer, The San Diego Union-Tribune - August 16

A group started in response to burned banks in La Mesa has ballooned into a clearinghouse for conspiracy theorists and right-wing extremism.

Trump's war on the Postal Service is an attack on democracy and evidence we are in a cold civil war

David Atkins, Washington Monthly - August 15

By now, it’s no secret that Trump and his allies are trying to sabotage the Postal Service. The question is what Democrats will do in response.

Kamala Harris as Biden's VP Pick Clarifies the Stakes This November

Josh Hammer, - August 14

Joe Biden's selection of Kamala Harris as his VP candidate accentuates the fault lines in the nation's cold civil war between the Americanists, defenders and preservers of the American regime and way of life, and the civilizational arsonists, those who fan the insurrectionist flames now engulfing America's urban corridors and hope to abet national decline.

Must We Fight Cancel Culture with Cancel Culture?

J. Robert Smith, American Thinker - August 13

The Left insists on using 'cancel culture' as a political weapon, trying to win a cold civil war without full on violence. The Right must come up with creative means to push back and protect themselves, or else the war will be one without a fight.

Coup porn: Resistance sees military removing Trump from office

Byron York, Washington Examiner - August 13

The increased excitement and talk about the military being used to remove Trump from office amounts to "coup porn" for those who fantasize about taking Trump out by force.

One Nation, Indivisible? America MORE Divided Today Than Before Civil War

Selwyn Duke, The New American - August 13

When a country is so divided from reality that it’s arguing over what boys and girls are and simple math, a hard lesson in division may lie down the road.

The Civil War of 1861-1865 never ended​

Kenneth S. Abramowitz, Israel Nation News - August 12

The Democrat Party has always favored policies that hurt African Americans, and they continue to do so today.

Here’s What Bill Barr’s Interview with Mark Levin Tells Us

Brandon J. Weichert, Weichert Report - August 11

Bill Barr's recent interview shows that the forces arrayed against the Trump administration are something akin to the beginning of a new civil war.

This Picture Says It All: Two‐​Party Polarization Is a Threat to Liberty

Andy Craig, The National Interest - August 11

In the past two to three decades, America’s two major political parties have become strongly sorted and polarized in a way that has not been seen since the Civil War. The consequences have become alarming.

America Was Less Divided During the Civil War Than It Is Today

Robert Spencer, PJMedia - August 10

There is a growing worry today that we are headed for another civil war. If one should come, it would be far worse than the first since today Americans are even more divided than they were in 1861.

Is Trump accepting the GOP nomination at Gettysburg a dog whistle for the start of a new civil war?

Asia Ewart, Refinery29 - August 10

Some people thought it disrespectful to give the speech atop the graves of honored dead. Others likened his possible presence as the beginnings of another Civil War.

Anchorage, Alaska is Exhibit A for an unfolding civil war

Dan Fagan, Must Read Alaska - August 13

These are serious times. So serious, we’re at war. It’s a civil war. 155-years have passed since our last one. Our second civil war is well underway.

Let's make Black Lives Matter a force for greater civil unity, not division

Harry L. Peterson, The Cap Times - August 13

The Black Lives Matter movement is raising the conscience of this nation in a way that has the potential to bring real change.

If Biden wins, Trump would still have 3 months to punish America and start a new civil war

Thom Hartmann, Salon - August 13

Trump loves revenge, and if he loses in November, he might try to tank the economy and try to cause civil unrest.

Yes, the U.S. is undergoing a violent period of change, but it will NOT lead to civil war

Donald Kirk, World Tribune - August 12

Yes, protests in American cities too often turn violent and crime is on the rise as the police retreats. These signs point to a change in the U.S., but it will not lead to civil war.

The Boogaloo Bois Are All Over Facebook

Tess Owen, Vices News - August 12

The group known for wanting to start a new civil war is thriving on social media.

In Speaking About Civil Unrest in America, Barr Explains What the Left Truly Wants

Leah Barkoukis, Townhall - August 10

Bill Barr tells Mark Levin he considers the radical Left to be a terrorist group bent on stirring up civil unrest in order to bring about a revolution.

The Democrats want a Cold War, but will they get a civil war?

Leonard Toboroff, Spectator Australia - August 10

Anti-Trump denizens employ Cold War strategy to leverage power in the event that Trump is re-elected.

The Singularity Is Near

Malcolm Pollack, American Greatness - August 9

Can we, for the sake of our children’s children, find at the last moment a way to reverse course, to step back from the brink, to find a future timeline that avoids the dreadful singularity of civil war?

A Second American Civil War?

Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Instapundit - August 9

Flashback (from 2006 article): A Second American Civil War? “Rarely do people set out to start a civil war. Invariably, when such wars break out both sides consider themselves to be the aggrieved ones.”

Are Democrats Pondering Civil War If Biden Loses?

Tom Knighton, Bearing Arms - August 7

Democrats are openly talking about forcing a constitutional crisis if Biden loses the election in November.

Will our culture become shooting war?

Sam Ross Jr., The Tribune-Democrat - August 7

When I was younger, and schools taught history, we were amazed that things could have degenerated domestically to the point of having the Civil War. All these years later, I now understand, and find myself speculating which side would win a second Civil War.

Guns, Dems, Civil War

Rod Dreher, The American Conservative - August 7

Dreher responds to a reader's point that a likely spark for a conflict in the U.S. is a wholesale attack on gun ownership; Dreher finds that idea convincing and connects it with several other strategies the left has been pursuing.

America’s Racialist Liberal Media

Rod Dreher, The American Conservative - August 6

Dreher reflects on a point that Michael Vlahos made in regard to the concept of "othering" as a precondition to civil strife; Dreher cites a recent study showing that the media has recently tried to create such a division in society through the ubiquitous accusation of racisim.

The Making of a Boogaloo Boi

Tess Owen, Vice News - August 6

Five months ago, Mike Dunn was organizing against gun control. Now, he's donned a Hawaiian shirt and is a rising star in an insurgent, anti-government movement.

Americans Should Expect Election Chaos

Marco Rubio, - August 6

We should expect for the November election to be chaotic...and for radicals on the Left and Right to seek to foment a second civil war.

Top Democrats contemplate civil war if Biden loses

Cockburn, Spectator USA - August 6

The chattering caste of Washington DC has spent much of the summer obsessed with the idea that Donald Trump will refuse to leave office if he loses in November, as Cockburn has already noted.

America's cyclical civil war worries

Bonnie Kristian, The Week - August 6

This mutual animosity and anger strikes me as a more compelling basis for a claim of movement toward civil war than what may be merely cyclical imaginations. In pre-Civil War Spain, children play fought as "leftists and rightists" rather than "cops and robbers," Hilari Raguer, a historian and monk who was 8 years old when the war began, has recalled. If your kids start playing violent "Republicans and Democrats," maybe sound the alarm.

Letter From An Angry Middle-American Vet

Rod Dreher, The American Conservative - August 5

Another COVID lockdown is going to crush the economy even worse than the first time and put a lot more people out of work. We’re backing a lot of people into a corner and there are few places left on this earth to escape to. Nobody wants another civil war, but we are doing a damn good job at creating the circumstances for it to happen.

The Coming National Crisis

Jeff Lukens, Canada Free Press - August 5

Unless Democrats and their henchmen come to the unlikely understanding they also must preserve our laws and traditions, the country will be heading for a bloody disaster, and civil war will be upon us.

Is the U.S. a failed state in 2020? Experts' answers range from 'maybe' to 'hell, yes'

Matthew Roza, Salon - August 5

If Americans lose faith in our government and our political system entirely, then solutions proposed by economists, scientists and public health experts are not likely to work.

America's Civil Wars – Then and Now

James C. Dobson, Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk - August Newsletter

Our nation is divided like no time since the Civil War. Lawlessness and anarchy stalk the cities as angry mobs riot, burn, loot, rob, and kill innocent bystanders. Cultural monuments are being destroyed. Scores of people have been shot. Our courageous police officers are being brutally attacked by the same people they have vowed to protect. A man and his son stopped to ask for directions, and he was gunned down on the spot. A one-year-... 

United States: A new stage in Black Lives Matter’s battle against Trump’s state violence

Malik Miah, GreenLeft - August 5

President Donald Trump has loudly targeted the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) as “left wing anarchists” and “terrorists”. He speaks of “carnage in the street” and “law and order”. But it is clear that the agents provocateurs are in the White House and its federal agencies.

Is A New Civil War Possible?

Rod Dreher, The American Conservative - August 4

The new civil war, if it comes, will primarily be carried out within institutions, all of which are controlled by the left, with purges against the right. But it could turn violent if militias begin attacking each other, and/or if the police cannot stop outbreaks of violent protest and crime. There could be other ways, I’m sure — and we need to think about them, and talk about them, and attempt to stop them before they start.

How Camper Van Beethoven saw the future​

Evan Brown, Spectator USA - August 3

There is an ever-growing feeling that the United States is so culturally and politically at odds with itself that a second Civil War is all but inevitable.

The Preservation of America’s Republic Hangs in the Balance

Michael Walsh, The Epoch Times - August 3

Since 1972, when George McGovern ran against Richard Nixon, we have been engaged in a Cold Civil War. All that’s lacking now is a provocation—and the media is doing its Pravda-like best to provide one.

Democrats’ ‘War Game’ for Election Includes West Coast Secession, Possible Civil War

Joel K. Pollak, Breitbart - August 2

Democrats are contemplating secession and potential civil war as they game out possible scenarios for a closely contested election, according to a report by Ben Smith in a New York Times column Sunday.

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