The John Batchelor Show with Michael Vlahos: #CivilWar?

"#CivilWar?" is an ongoing conversation between Michael Vlahos, historian from Johns Hopkins, and John Batchelor. Since May 2017, they have considered the idea that we may already be in a new American civil war and not realize it. Drawing on historical and literary examples, they offer many rich discussions that illumine the increasingly disturbing divisions in American politics and culture.


Unfortunately, as a result of cancel culture, their entire conversation was recently lost when the network John Batchelor was associated with deleted all of it. They're attempting to summarize much of their old content, which you can find here. 

You can read these two articles to get a general sense of what Dr. Vlahos' argument is:

We Were Made for Civil War

Michael Vlahos, The American Conservative - October 29, 2018

Civil division and its conquests are the true makers of America, and continue to shape its national progress—or threaten its undoing. Indeed, the very founding of the United States advanced the principle of civil conflict over all others. 

Civil War Begins When the Constitutional Order Breaks Down

Michael Vlahos, The American Conservative - November 4, 2019

A Georgetown Institute poll finds that two-thirds of us believe we are edging closer “to the brink of a civil war.” Yet Americans cannot properly analyze this “gathering storm.” We lack a framework, a lexicon, and the historical data (from other civil wars) to see clearly what is happening to us. Here is a quick template for how we might more usefully decipher how this nation gets to another civil war. 

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Michael Vlahos is a writer and author of The BLUE Sword: The Naval War College and the American Mission, and  Fighting Identity: Sacred War and World Change. He has taught war and strategy at Johns Hopkins University and the Naval War College and is a weekly contributor to The John Batchelor Show. His weekly conversations with John Batchelor have been very nearly uninterrupted since 2001. Follow him on Twitter @JHUWorldCrisis

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John Batchelor is an American author and host of The John Batchelor Show. On Twitter @batchelorshow

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