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America threatened with second ‘civil war’

Zach Freeman, The Battalion - October 24, 2021

“We’re just sick of it. We’re not gonna take it anymore. I see a civil war coming.” 

An Iowa Trump rally attendee let loose recently on the failures of Republican elites and what she perceives to be an impending national crisis. However, she makes a few notable exceptions, like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. The internet reacted accordingly, pushing the phrases “civil war” and “civil war coming” to the trending page on Twitter. On seeing these words, most Americans think of union blue, dixie grey and cheesy reenactments. But day-by-day, an unsettling alternative is becoming increasingly likely. More than ever, Americans need to recognize our precarious place in history and come to terms with how we got here.

What would have sounded like ridiculous Boogaloo conspiracies just a few years ago is now common political messaging for American conservatives. The Republican Party has shifted toward a policy of anti-democracy and outright hostility. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrarytwo-thirds of Republicans think the 2020 presidential election was illegitimate and 85 percent of Republicans want their candidates to agree with the overall policies of the instigator of these claims, former President Donald Trump. Not to mention, 78 percent of Republicans want Trump to run in 2024 despite his being caught on tape trying to steal the Georgia election. 

In response, other Republican candidates have begun challenging the results of elections they’ve lost, sometimes before election results are even called, as was the case when California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder went so far as to suggest an armed takeover of the state if he wasn’t awarded the governorship in court.

Similarly, in Idaho, far-right Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin attempted to seize power, to deploy the National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border and to rescind the state’s COVID-19 vaccine requirements while Gov. Brad Little was absent. While Texans are now used to outsiders coming to our state, we tend to prefer they come under better circumstances. At least bring a casserole.  

Events like the Charlottesville, Va., protests, threats of secession and the Jan. 6 Capitol riot are only becoming more common as right-wing violence further cements itself into mainstream politics. With political partisanship rising sky-high, simply owning the libs is valid justification for political motivation and action. 

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