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How to Take Over a Country

Richard C. Gross - November 24, 2021

The conservative Republican Party, led by a vindictive warlord from his wolf’s lair in Florida supported by millions of voters, has a malevolent stranglehold on America with its lies and trumped-up cultural wars.

The country is sinking into political quicksand, living in two worlds: the fantasyland of Donald Trump, who insists he won reelection, enveloped in the Big Lie by his loyalists who have set his fable in concrete, and the reality in which President Joe Biden and his Democrats have passed trillions of dollars in legislation intended to help all Americans live better lives.

Extracting the country from the insidious menace of an all-encompassing far-right packaging of lies and manufactured cultural bull will be difficult, if not impossible, unless Republicans wake up and sideline Trump. The Republican strategy seems intended to stir anger, resentment and bitterness against Biden and “radical liberals” to attract voters to their base in order to retake power.

It extends from twisting the history of American racism into something evil for secondary school children, to attacking school boards, to damning masks and vaccines deployed to prevent illness, to putting the transgendered into a corner after branding them with a red letter “T.”

It’s like living in a theater of the absurd.

A revolution of the politically maligned, the maladjusted, the unhinged and the misinformed seems to be simmering in America’s cold civil war and is in mortal danger of exploding. The Jan. 6 Trump-inspired insurrection at the Capitol merely was prologue.

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