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A Bleak 'What If:' Is The US Headed Towards A Second Civil War?

Frank Hernandez, WBUR - October 23

ith increasing political divide and heightened civil unrest in the United States, many fear that it will culminate in a second civil war. We explore the likelihood of that scenario and hear from someone who thinks America is already in the midst of collapse.

The Collapse of Law Enforcement with Officer Brady White

Prepping 2.0 - October 21

We talk to a big-city police officer, Brady White, who talks about how police departments around the country are disintegrating - and, more importantly, what that means for you. In the After Show, exclusively for Patreon supporters, we continue the conversation and mention a new podcast that will be coming out soon.

We Are Now In A Civil War (With Regard To The Hunter Biden Censorship)

LaRouche PAC - October 20

In a press availability with former Senior NSA Analyst J. Kirk Wiebe and William Binney, the NSA’s former Technical Director, Wiebe led off by describing the media and social media censorship of the Hunter/Joe Biden corruption scandal as demonstrating that, “We are now in a Civil War.” The unprecedented censorship of the President, his Press Secretary, members of Congress, and the fourth largest newspaper...

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