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Election 2020 (starting at 49:16)

The Galloway Institute - October 30

We address the uptick in civil war rhetoric, and explain why we believe America is currently engaged in a cold civil war. We also dive into the real nature civil wars, and how they represent the ultimate political failure.

Is America headed toward Civil War? Election 2020

Reading Between the Lines - October 30

The anxiety and tension in America are rising as the presidential election of 2020 grows closer. Families are buying guns that have never owned them before, others are packing up and preparing to live out in the woods for months if needed. There are very few Americans who believe there will not be violence on November 3, 2020. The countdown to the election is 4 days. America is beyond petrified.

A Bleak 'What If:' Is The US Headed Towards A Second Civil War?

Frank Hernandez, WBUR - October 23

With increasing political divide and heightened civil unrest in the United States, many fear that it will culminate in a second civil war. We explore the likelihood of that scenario and hear from someone who thinks America is already in the midst of collapse.

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