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RBG and the coming civil war

Sour Source - September 30

Robert and Shawn do a deep dive into the ramifications of Ruth Bader Ginsburg passing, and discuss the potential for armed conflict between right wing militia groups and protesters on the left. And discuss different scenarios for post election violence.

Civil War Two Electric Boogaloo?

In the Clear - September 29

Let's get real here, is a second civil war actually possible?

Civil War: Probably Not Super Rade...

The Rad Left - September 29

James and Casey catch up on recent events and discuss the common idea that America will have its second Civil War around the elections in November. James reads the article "A wargame designer defines our four possible civil wars" by Mike Selinker via Medium. Also! Please consider subscribing to the Patreon of the Gravel Institute ... 

Liberals calling for civil war if Trump won't accept the results of a fraudulent election

The Tara Show - September 28

Liberals calling for civil war if Trump won’t accept the results of a fraudulent election; Democrat secretaries of state in swing states justify sending mail-in ballots to ineligible voters; Amidst numerous leftist riots Homeland Security says right-wing extremists and white supremacists are the largest threat of terrorism.

Civil War: The Left's Revolution Playbook

American Conservative University - September 28

evolutions rarely happen overnight. The Left started laying the groundwork for November 3, 2020, the moment Hillary Clinton had to concede the 2016 election to Donald Trump. It was always solely about getting rid of President Trump, and there is a playbook for that. Last week, Glenn showed you the “Seven Pillars” written by a former U.S. diplomat ... 

The Breonna Taylor case and possible civil war

Nicole Mendoza & Chris Hernandez, Off the Knob - September 28

On this weeks episode we touch up on the Breonna Taylor case, and talk about a possible civil war that could happen anytime soon.

America's Civil and Cultural War

Marty Bent and Junseth, Tales from the Crypt: A Bitcoid Podcast - September 28

Join Marty as he sits down with the affable Junseth to discuss: - America's Culture War - Are we in a Civil War? - When did the Civil War start?

Could the Military Save Us From Civil War?

Burt Cohen, Keeping Democracy Alive - September 28

In normal times, it’s the the military making war elsewhere in the world, allegedly to protect our peace at home. But with armed white gangs afraid their dominance of America may be slipping away, and with a president egging them on, civil war is a real possibility.

Facebook's addictiveness may lead to 'civil war'

The Tom and Curley Show - September 26

Facebook's former director of monetization says Facebook intentionally made its product as addictive as cigarettes — and now he fears it could cause 'civil war'

What to make of Tom Friedman's claim that Trump could spark a new civil war?

The Rush Limbaugh Show - September 24

CNN guest says he fears Civil War after election because "significant number" of Trump's base are domestic terrorists. We're living through a revolution. Cavuto battles Clyburn on accepting election results. Thomas L. Friedman fears a Civil War. The Trump base is afraid of what's going to be done to them, so they're staying quiet...

A Second American Revolution

What's The Craic? - September 24

Maybe it's not a civil war we should be worried about, but a Revolution.

Trump, the November election, and possible civil war

Rising Up with Sonali - September 24

President Donald Trump, seeing his rising unpopularity, has repeatedly and relentlessly attacked the right to vote, telling his supporters to vote twice, claiming that states sending mail-in ballots to voters who have not requested them amounts to voter fraud, and even going as far as refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power.

What if the election produces no clear winner?

Audio Mises Wire - September 24

The disputed election of 1876 could have led to another civil war. Fortunately, civilian institutions intervened to create a compromise, and the military was kept out of it.

Election 2020: American Civil War

Nucleus Investment Insights - September 24

This week we look to the upcoming US election as the country grapples with the coronavirus, civil unrest and a toppling stock market.

Is Social Media Creating a Civil War?

Hey Sister, Soul Sister - September 24

Soul Gang! Is social media creating a civil war? Join Erica and Lea as they recap Netflix's Social Dilemma. Learn how artificial intelligence can be affecting your belief system and quality of life! Plus, catch up on our struggles and high vibes!

Civil War in the US

Back to Normal - September 24

In this episode, I tackle an episode I’ve been wanting to discuss from the beginning of the show, the idea that the United States might just be on the brink of another civil war, very different from the one that preceded it.

The wrong choice this November election pushes us closer to civil war

Dannyland!!! - September 22

THIS is the podcast the left does NOT want you to hear!! 🦾🦾🦾 The biggest election in our lifetime is close and Danny tells ya why the wrong choice puts us closer to a Civil War. 👍👍👍 Nothing better than the sound of drunk Browns fans after a victory on national TV....😎😎😎 The best Biden gaffes of the week and more. This podcast is a MUST listen

Radicalizing Your Grandma For Civil War

What's HAPAning - September 22

Nico and Shaine react to the epic meltdowns from people on social media regarding Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and disowning your family over politics, and also discuss the winner’s secret topic/news story that was voted on by our patrons.

Democrats Dismantling of America

The Joe Cozzo Show - September 22

The United States is on the brink of another Civil War. It's fueled by George Soros, Black Lives Matter, and the Democratic Party. In today's episode, we explore President Trump's decision to fill the Supreme Court vacancy after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passing.

Are we headed For Civil War? and other cheery thoughts

Wednesday Talk Radio - September 22

A wargame designer defines our four possible civil wars. Life in the US Has the Hallmarks of a “Low-Grade War Zone” 2020 is a Warning That Our Civilization is Beginning to Fall Apart

Is America on the verge of civil war?

The Christopher Scott Show Talk Radio Podcast - September 21

If you’re looking for conservative podcasts you might want to check out The Christopher Scott Radio Talk Show Podcast. It is a conservative channel, and Christopher Scott is considered one of the country’s top conservative commentators.

Are We In A Cold Civil War?

The Todd Huff Show - September 21

The fight over the seat left vacant by the death of RBG is getting even more contentious. Chuck Schumer says, "nothing is off the table,' if Republicans fill the seat. Don Lemon wants to "blow up the entire system."

We are in a New Civil War

Brian O'Kelly, Republic Keeper - September 21

I believe we are in a new civil war now. We have intimidation squads now operating around the country. I explore how these mobs caused a prosecutor in Omaha Nebraska to empanel a grand jury after he had otherwise declined to charge owner of the Omaha bar the hive Jacob Gardner.

New Civil War: Terrible people on both sides

Third Rail with Nick Beaton - September 20

On this weeks episode I talk about a New York Times article that reports on independent studies predicting a civil war, and I also weigh in on J.K Rowling because I hate myself.

The Reality of a Civil War

Connecting Vets - September 20

Jack Murphy and Rod Rodriguez discuss the double standard that exists between Officer and Enlisted punishments for online bad behavior. Then we explore the world of vets that think there's a civil war coming and the weird thing is, they seem to WANT it to happen! Would it be as "cool" as they think it will be or is the post-apocalyptic ... 

RBG's passing and the possibility of civil war

Dumbasses Talking Politics - September 20

Can you think of something worse that could happen in 2020 that might cause more violence and a possible civil war?

The Dying Wish Doctrine

The Michael Knowles Show - September 20

Justice Ruth Ginsburg dies at 87, the Left threatens Civil War, and squishy Republicans once again run for the hills.

Steve Bannon predicts the civil war starts on November 3rd

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, - September 20

Steve Bannon says only in-person voting should be counted on Nov. 3rd, and there will be a "war" to "stop Biden from stealing" the election. Larry Wilkerson says Trump's forces are creating conditions for violence in the streets if he is defeated. AOC calls on people to get organized to defeat Trump

Ruth Bader Ginsberg Died...What now?

The Peasant Perspective - September 19

#RBG died...what now? Will #Trump nominate a new #SCOTUS to the Supreme Court? Probably...will that lead to a Civil War? The Hammer is dropping on Mayors.

Will There be a Civil War? The Question is Only What Kind.

The Tom Laipply Podcast - September 20

Socialist forces are lined up against: 1. President Trump re-election. 2. Stopping the Covid hoax.

Victimhood & The Coming Civil War

The Tim Preuss Podcast - September 20

Culture has been changing. Those of us who recognized it were called alarmists, but the reactions of citizens to the death of RBG tell us something else. When the voting process is destroyed, the only option left is violence. Is this the world we are about to see?

Does RBG's passing mark the Civil War Doomsday clock at Midnight?

Real Politik - September 19

The guys get together for an emergency podcast to discuss the passing of RBG. When will the senate push through a new nominee? Which GOP cucks will McConnell allow to strategically signal dissent? What does this mean for the culture war? And most importantly, how many minutes to midnight is the Civil War Doomsday clock?

Descent into Tribalism and Social Unrest

Victor Davis Hanson, The Classicist - September 15

Victor Davis Hanson explains how the social unrest unleashed in 2020 threatens urban decline, increasing political animosity, and the erosion of Americans’ common identity.

RBG's passing and the potential for civil war

Tim Pool, TImcast IRL - September 18

Tim and guest Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360 on Twitter) join forces to discuss breaking news about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death, and all the questions it raises about the SCOTUS, the potential for civil war, the immediate reaction from conservatives, an actress voices support for Trump and the silent majority is real, Tim has an epiphany and the two close with talk of home schooling.

The not-so-civil war (explicit)

Broken Glass Podcast - September 18

This week we return from a vacation to a state that is literally on fire. Not to mention to a country that is in total disarray, with political violence on every side of the isle becoming the new norm. That’s where we begin our discussion on the most divided country in the western world. 

A New Civil War and the effect of the election on gun sales

Second Amendment Radio - September 18

With all the social unrest we fear that we may be headed into another Civil War and not even know it.

With RBG's Passing, The Cold Civil War Heats Up

3 Chords & and Truth - September 18

As if 2020 weren't awful enough -- as if the mortal threats facing the United States weren't piling up to the extreme -- now there's just one more thing. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died, God rest her soul, and now we face perhaps the bloodiest (perhaps literally) Supreme Court confirmation battle we've ever seen.

The Fort Sumter Election

America Out Loud Podcast Network - September 17

With every passing day, we get closer to the inevitability that election 2020 will be anything but routine. As more and more states see universal mail-in voting as the answer to people voting in person during these Covid times⏤the possibility of fraud increases. There is great concern that we may not even know the winner or winners until days or weeks after Election Day.

Second Civil War

Juan Espinosa, Elmo's World - September 17

Juan shares his thoughts on the current condition of the USA, on the hurricanes, fires, riots and the growing fear of civil war. And we talk about freedom and liberty comparing life in the Philippines and America.

In the new civil war, early rounds go to the Left, but hope yet lives

America Out Loud Podcast Network - September 16

Early rounds in the new American civil war did not go the way of liberty. In Kenosha, Kyle had been charged with first degree murder for defending his life, while in Portland, Gaige is free having (allegedly) murdered Joe Bishop in cold blood. The judges of the en-banc DC circuit voted 8-2 to prolong Gen. Flynn’s misery and deny him justice, so long as he remained a defendant in a criminal case and thus...

Glenn Beck discusses his reviews from last night's discussion of a new civil war

The Glenn Beck Program - September 16

A BLM co-founder has fiscally partnered with a Chinese group, and “The Plot to Change America” author Mike Gonzalez explains how she’s not even hiding it. Glenn reviews last night’s special on civil war and how the Obama administration’s “7 Pillars of Color Revolution," used to flip countries like Ukraine, are all playing out in America. Princeton University claimed that it is systemically racist, but math professor... 

CIVIL WAR - The Way America Could End in 2020 - Ep53

Crusade4Freedom - September 16

This is America #125: Against The Fascist Push Toward Civil War

It's Going Down - September 17

On today’s episode, first we speak with two medics who report about the ongoing situation in Rochester, New York, as protests there against the police killing of Daniel Prude have continue to grow.

America's being set up for civil war (starting at 48:00)

The Glenn Beck Program - September 16

We’re being set up for civil war. Glenn sets the record straight with proof that arsonists started some of the West Coast fires. “The Stakes” author Michael Anton lays out the Left’s plan to convince America that Biden won, no matter the outcome, as war-gamed by the Transition Integrity Project.

Two Mikes discuss George Soros and an approaching second civil war

Two Mikes and Michael Scheuer and Col Mike - September 15

The latest episode of Two Mikes is a discussion between the two hosts about what's really happening in the world today, how we need to learn from history, and why it's important to start taking aggressive actions against our enemies.

American culture has fallen very far. We now approach civil war.

Michael Savage, The Savage Nation Podcast - September 15

Biden is the Covid candidate, even calls his own campaign the Harris-Biden administration; What type of America will we see after the election if Trump wins? How far we have fallen in America; Why do people hate Trump so much? We're in the midst of a civil war; Mayhem in the streets; Chuck Todd shows the state of American journalism - dead

How the F*ck Did We Get Here?

DefCon1 - September 15

I rolled into Tuscaloosa, Alabama, searching for the answer. I may not have found it, but I found Jake French, and that guy has some answers. We talk about being frogs in the pot, we talk about an upcoming civil war, we talk about the election, getting involved, and we talk about good old American freedoms and firearms. Come join us! As always, stay safe!

Civil War II

Fireside Chats with John Cump - September 14

In this special episode our panel will be discussing whether we are entering a second American Civil War. Since this will be demonetized be sure to super chat!

Are We Headed For A Second Civil War?

Midday Mubles - September 14

This week the guys talk about the potential of a second civil war, and also could President Donald Trump WIN a third term?

It is a Civil War, Wolf Blitzer does Fear Porn, Why Trump will win the Election

Brian O'Kelly, Republic Keeper - September 14

The Civil war is a religious war.

Candid Talk: Will America have another civil war?

Candid Talk w/ Anthony Train Johnson - September 14

California new law decriminalizes pedophilia? 2020 sports are you entertained. Big Sean new album and the impact it has on the rap game. Will America have another civil war?

Cops under attack, fires set by radical not natural

Unleashed the Jeremy Hanson Show - September 14

Cops are under attack across the country, Biden sets up his own super council team, The table has been set for civil war.

Civil War

Cannabis And Combat - September 12

We are rapidly heading towards civil war. It may already be here...If you would like to support the channel here are some different ways to do that. Sirius CBD - My CBD Company. The Best CBD Products in the World! Full Spectrum, Full Panel Tested.

9/11 and the Division of America (starting at 17:30)

Trumpet Daily Radio Show - September 10

[17:30] Division in America (20 minutes) On the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, America is more divided than ever, probably more so than before the Civil War. Democrats daily accuse President Donald Trump of committing “genocide” and “mass murder.” What’s driving the division in America?

BLM Leftist Arrested For Igniting Wildfire, Democrats Say its Climate Change

Tim Pool, Timcast IRL - September 10

The story of fires being started in Puyallup, Washington raise questions about who may be committing arson (and why), the rule of law is called into question, the Oathkeepers have been banned from Twitter while far-left calls to violence remain on the platform, showing that the left may well win the civil war if they successfully control the information, and a student is arrested for attempting to attend school...

THREAT analysis: Cities vs. suburbs vs. rural America

PrepWithMike, The Health Ranger Report - September 10

A threat analysis of the coming civil war: City living vs. suburbs and rural areas

American Zealots : Inside Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism

Arie Perliger, Rising Up with Sonali - September 10

Rightwing extremists in the United States have always wrought hatred and violence but rarely been targeted by government surveillance or the disproportionate media coverage reserved for terrorists of the non-white, non-Christian persuasion.

The Civil War Election

World Socialist Web Site Daily Podcast - September 9

The Civil War Election / India now second only to US in number of COVID-19 cases, yet continues to expand “reopening”

The Left is Herding America toward Civil War

The Glenn Beck Program - September 10

The Left’s plans to lead us to revolution and civil war are clear. We won’t know who won the presidency on election night.

American Civil War Part 2

The What Did I Miss Podcast - September 9

On this week’s show we discuss the escalating tensions in the United States and what a civil war in the USA might look it.

A second civil war

Break the Bell - September 9

While President Trump continues to broker unprecedented unity deals in the Middle East, his own country continues to further polarize forming a rift that may lead to a second civil war. Two months ago, 34% of Americans believed that this would be inevitable in the next 5 years, but now it seems to be more imminent than ever before. Join us as we lay out the various causes of past civil wars and how it relates...

21st Century Civil War

Mark Pruitt, Progress 4 Tomorrow - September 9

In yet another "monumental-episode", we will discuss the a topic which has been disclosed and discussed from time-to-time. That topic is "A 21st Century Civil-War"... This has been discussed primarily among many right-wing groups ESPECIALLY since the re-election of our first black President Barack Obama.

It's rebellion, not protest

Frank Vernuccio, Financial Survival Network - September 9

The hideous disorder in cities like New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and even Washington D.C. are neither protests nor riots. They are not mere acts of crime, either. Indeed, the assault on the federal courthouse in Portland was the moral equivalent of the attack on Fort Sumter that commenced the Civil War. It is time to properly identify what is going on in these great urban centers: rebellion against the...

Chris thinks we're in the midst of a civl war

The Sensible Politics Podcast - September 8

Chris thinks we are going close to civil war. the left vs the right?

Is There A Civil War Brewing? Will It Be Racial or Political?

Real Unpopular Opinion Podcast - September 8

Welcome to the most lit podcast you’re going to find out here giving you all the hottest news topics. . I’m Gran x Jefe along with Danodadon . Subscribe to our podcast take a trip through our mind as we discuss the hottest news topic & anything else that comes to mind. It’s lit.

American Jihad & A Second Civil War?

The Tamar Yonah Show - September 8

Do Islamic groups have anything to do with the rioting on AMERICAN CITY STREETS? Tamar Yonah speaks with Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch, and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Roger Stone on Civil War, China, JFK, and Nixon

Live Long Podcast - September 8

This week, I was joined by Roger Stone. Do you need to know more?

"The Stakes," with Michael Anton

Steve Hayward, Powerline - September 5

Michael starts our conversation with an account of how what he thought would be an obscure essay became a sensation, and how the political scene in the country has sharpened more ominously since Trump’s upset win four years ago.

Civil War?

Nathan Stolpman, Lift the Veil - September 5

Civil War 2.0

The Purple Elephant Show - September 5

Offering MY opinion on all the recent opinions and theories about there being a 2nd civil war.

Melania Torches "The Atlantic" for Shoddy Journalism

Trish Intel Podcast - September 5

Violent Rioters Terrorize Diners In Rochester. San Fran Mayor Diverts Pelosi Hair Fiasco to "Dictator" Trump's Issue. Dems Set Stage for A New Kind Of Civil War. Diet Matters. Exercise Matters. Put your health FIRST.

Politics and Social Media; How Christians are making things worse!

DyerConversations - September 4

2020 has been a year of controversy. We have seen multiple police involved incidents where people have died. There are protests across the nation for Black Lives Matter. Antifa is rioting and destroying multiple cities. Some are calling for the police to be defunded. A group in Seattle made a sovereign nation called CHAZ. And this doesn't even begin to discuss the issues surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

How to Avoid Civil War

Real Coffee with Scott Adams - September 4

If you would like to enjoy this same content plus bonus content from Scott Adams, including micro-lessons on lots of useful topics to build your talent stack, please see for full access to that secret treasure.

On Civil War (explicit)

Eric Pennell - September 3

This episode of "Busting Balls" Eric Pennell talks the Hypocrites on the left, BLM, Riots, Nancy Pelosi haircut & Civil War.

Comparing Civil War Era to Today's Divisions

The John Gerardi Show - September 3

Looking at the divisions of the country today and how they compared to the divisions during the civil war. 

Headed for Civil War After Election?

Radio Wave - September 3

A Friend of Medjugorje talks about the unthinkable. Yet, he gives a clear case of what can not only happen, but is most likely happening behind closed doors.

A Cold Civil War

The Peasants Perspective - September 3

I don't know if we will ever have a 'hot civil' war, but we are definitely in a cold one...States rights vs. federal rights, Front and Center.

Democrats Prefer Civil War Over Trump Winning

Tim Pool - September 3

The story of the Democrat and Never Trumper war games has finally been published and they say plainly that the only way we get a peaceful transfer of power is if Joe Biden wins in a landslide.

Civil War 2: Antifa Boogaloo

Jared Howe, So To Speak - September 2

It only took about three months of non-stop looting and rioting, but white people in America are finally starting to understand that the conspiracy theory of white privilege is a literal declaration of war against the country's dwindling ethnic majority.

How the Civil War Starts on November 3rd

Glenn Beck, TimPool, American Conservative Union  - September 2

Democrats Predict LANDSLIDE Victory For Trump But Biden Still Wins, They Have BROKEN The Election. Several reports suggest that even though Trump will win after a week of finding new votes Biden will be the actual winner.

Will BLM Lead Us Into Another Civil War?

Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich, American Conservative University - September 1

Are we headed to a 2nd Civil War? The Democrats plan to cheat in the 2020 election with mail-in voting, violent BLM riots plague the streets of America's cities, and the Mainstream Media is outright lying to the American people. We are living through very troubled times and it only looks like things are getting worse.

America's Cold Civil War

The Radical Secular - August 31

As the Republican party deepens its embrace of white nationalism, and transforms itself into a white identity party, America's lurching into a form of hybrid civil warfare. Combining the influences of racism, Christianity, and hyper-capitalism, the GOP and its supporters are threatening democracy as never before. 

Is Trump Working to Ignite Civil War?

The Hartmann Report - August 31

Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland, and Joe Biden have both challenged Trump to condemn violence by all sides. But is Trump instead trying to start a civil war by taking lessons from past strongman regimes like the Nazis?

Second American Civil War

Utah Liberty Talk - August 29

In The Liberty Perspective, a brand new show on Utah Liberty Talk, the host Austin discusses his thoughts, concerns and opinions on possible warning signs of a second American civil war. Excuse his many “um’s” and “buts” he’s a new podcaster ;)

Have we seen the kickoff to Civil War with the protests turning fatal?

Vince Russo's The Brand - August 29

As the world wigs out again this week we look at the madness unfold. Have we seen the kickoff to Civil War with the protests turning fatal? How long will it be before it's mandatory to upgrade your brain with Elon Musk's AI interface? When Election Day comes make sure you Vote for The Asteroid that is inbound to end all of this madness swiftly. Until then The Conspiracy Horsemen will watch over the herd.

Secession is on the Table

The American Mind - August 27

With a meager sixty-seven days until the general election in November, Democrats have moved from talking about secession as a last-ditch effort in a war game, to floating it as a serious strategy. Fueled by pure rage and moral self-righteousness, identitarians in liberal clothing are making their final gambit to stage an all-out coup. Can the American republic survive another wicked blow?

We are literally in a civil war right now (explicit)

Wrong Kind of Podcast - August 29

Tonight's topics: Civil War in America, gun rights, 30 year old masquerading as a child, and our favorite tv show theme songs.

KKKyle Rittenhouse (explicit)

Markus Olind Loves PC - August 29

I talk about Kyle Rittenhouse, the impending Civil War and WWIII, plus I profile Anya Ivy's career in adult entertainment.

Civil War 2020

Guy Talk - August 27

Civil war 2020 is on!

What the Boogaloo? (explicit)

The Time Preuss Podcast - August 27

A new movement has been underway for some time, and has somehow slipped passed Tim Preuss – the Boogaloo movement. Hawaiian shirted, gun totting “patriots” are stepping up across the country to defend America when the police refuse to do so.

Kenosha riots and the coming civil war

Anarchyball Pod - August 27

On this episode we discuss gun politics, Kenosha riots, and the up coming civil war. Go follow @Unironic_Ancap and get ready for coming bonus episodes.

Kenosah is a War Zone: the edge of civil war

The Glenn Beck Program - August 26

Multiple people were shot last night during the Kenosha riots, and BlazeTV’s Elijah Schaffer was there when it happened. He tells the story as we know it so far. We could be witnessing the prelude to a revolution or civil war.

Civil war in Wisconsin?

Kuhner's Corner - August 26

The Kuhner Report's Jeff Kuhner breaks down all of the stories that got left on the editor's room floor.

Civil war? What's going on?

Black Man with a Gun - August 28

Gun rights, Jacob Blake, and the need to preserve our freedom.

Are we on the precipice of a new civil war?

Chuck's Two Cents - August 28

In one of the more serious shows, Chuck talks about where we stand as a country right now. Are we on the precipice of another civil war? What was the goal and strategy of the NBA players by boycotting games? What came out of it if you go right back to playing two days later? Chuck reads a powerful take from Outkick the Coverage sports journalist, Jason Whitlock.

The civil war in the country and in the Democratic Party

Turley Talks - August 27

The Civil War w the two factions of the Democratic left. This Civil War is destroying the only areas in our nation where the left has a full and total monopoly, and that’s our urban and metropolitan areas.

The Left wants a civil war

The Rush Limbaugh Show - August 27

Nancy Pelosi says there shouldn’t be debates. Media realizes people are waking up to their riot lies. The full story on the Kenosha shooting suspect. Dan Crenshaw speaks of everyday heroism at the RNC. Media cuts away from blind Chinese dissident describing the horrors of CCP. The left wants a civil war. Don Lemon surprised Jacob Blake’s mother shows respect to Trump.

Emergency Podcast: are we on the tipping point of a new civil war?

Best or Worst Podcast - August 27

Has American reached a tipping point? Are we on a course set for a second civil war? We discussed this and much more in the second installment of our emergency podcast.

Is This a Civil War?

Battleground America Podcast - August 26

Brutal tactics are being duplicated in city after city by clearly organized rioters. Tara connects the dots.

Who will stop the civil war

The Mike Madison Show - August 26

Things are getting serious and a contentious election still looms. Why isn't anyone trying to diffuse this dangerous situation? People are now killing each other in the streets over politics.

Unconventional Civil War is Now Emerging

Steve Turley, Turley Talks - August 26

“The Civil War that’s emerging is highly unconventional… we are seeing what is, in effect, a regional conflict between rural Patriots in America versus Marxist in urban America.”

Civil War 2 Just Went Hot--Prepare Now!

The Prepper Recon Podcast - August 26

The Civil War has begun. NC Scout is on the show today to tell us what we need to do now to prepare.

War coming to America

The Big Sarge Show - August 26

Kenosha, Portland, Lousville, Atlanta, LA, Baltimore, and many other cities around the country have become the new battlegrounds for the life blood of this America. Our way of life is getting attacked and many innocent people are being brought down in the process. What will do? What will happen? Is Civil War coming to America?

Civil war?

Tutora Time - August 26

In this episode Nicholas discusses how civil unrest and violent protests are leading us into a Civil War.

Everyone believes the election will be rigged; civil war is on the way (explicit) (starting at 25:45)

Hidden in Plain Sight - August 26

No one seems to think the election won’t be rigged so it seems like we’re on our way to Civil War.

Come on, people, let's not go down the road to civil war (starting at 9:00)

Wtf-Landia - August 25

Commentary on the Jake Blake shooting done in smoothe jazz

Civil War

What If Tomorrow Podcast - August 25

What if tomorrow cities across the United States erupted in armed conflict. Not north versus south, but neighbor versus neighbor. Join Philip and Mark as they journey down, yet, another rabbit hole, as they discuss the possibility of a second civil war in America.

Harsh Reality Podcast Ep. 12 (starting at 46:25)

The Harsh Reality Podcast - August 23

Identity politics setting the stage for a new civil war? Republican vs Democrat, Liberal vs Conservative, MAGA vs. “Woke Culture.” Is this all just a distraction for something deeper?

Tim Pool on further steps toward civil war: no more swing votes; we're all partisans now

Tim Pool, Tim Pool Daily Show - August 23

It seems like the conditions for the unthinkable are being met.

The Coming Civil War in SHTF

Prepper Nation - August 22

A look at how the US will likely divide in a civil war and how foreign nations will likely get involved.

The bipartisan plan to lead America into a new civil war

Ideologically Illogical - August 21

The American people are being psychologically prepared to accept the narrative that the election will be contested and the result unknown, leading to unprecedented civil unrest.

Are we in a civil war? Yes and no.

Public Safety and Beyond - August 20

We are in times of civil unrest that call for citizens to be ready to become warriors. We should not expect a conventional civil war, but we should be aware that the Left is ready to push violence as far as they will be allowed to.

Democrats Plan to Start Another Civil War

That's On Point! - August 19

[Explicit Content] Welcome back, you, Inglorious Bastards, and Magnificent Bitches to That's On Point! Your weekly test of the Emergency Podcast System.

Antifa and BLM are getting crushed in America's new civil war

Turley Talks - August 18

Ep. 98 ANTIFA and BLM Agitators are Getting CRUSHED in America’s New CIVIL WAR!!!

Democrats START a Civil War

The Joey Saldino Show - August 16

The Squad Calls for RIOTS! | BLM Protest Turns VIOLENT! | BLM/Antifa Confrontation with Patriots.

Whiskey Politics: Evan Sayet: Comedy, Politics & ‘The Woke Supremacy’ 

@DavidSussman and @EvanSayet, The Richochet Audio Network Superfeed - August 15

We are in a cold civil war now. Short of an overwhelming electoral victory, some sort of hot civil war is likely. Four possible scenarios of civil war (starting at 30:15).

The Cold Civil War

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit - August 13

What exactly is a "cold civil war," and are we in one now?

American Civil War 2.0: Parallels Between Ukraine and America

Liberty or Death Show - August 13

America is heading straight towards a new civil war in the 2020s. The alarming parallels between what happened in Ukraine and what is happening now in America is further evidenced by the complete polarization of the Two Party System.

The Upcoming American Civil War

Adventures in Irrationality - August 12

In which we discuss Jeremy having his first root beer float, catfishing, Jordan Peterson, the upcoming American Civil War, calling anyone who disagrees with you a nazi, Vikings, Ellen getting canceled, whether or not celebrities are important, whether or not celebrities are attractive, how language will evolve, Eric’s dog pooping everywhere, an opt-in society, and the roles we’d want in a war.

Civil War

Church Militant - August 11

An increasing number of Americans believe the likelihood of a civil war is growing. What is the nature of that divide? Here are some thoughts.

Civil War or Peace? Trump Republican Nomination Speech May Have a Gettysburg Address

Bill Whittle, Bill Whittle Network - August 11

President Trump tweets that he might deliver his Republican Convention nomination address at "the Great Battlefield of Gettysburg" or from the White House. Should either site be polluted with partisan politics? Would Gettysburg send a message of civil war, or could it give Trump an opportunity to echo Abraham Lincoln's magnanimous, uniting spirit?

Civil War 2 in America - Mad Max is Coming!

Prepper Nation - August 11

We're predicting both the economic crash in September and America's Second Civil War

Second American Civil War: Pro-Electoral States vs. Anti-Electoral States​

Liberty or Death Show - August 9

An immigrant from Ukraine discusses the cold civil war prevailing in the U.S., claiming that the line will be drawn between those states that will honor the Electoral College and those that will not.

How The Bomb Birthed American Exceptionalism, With Mike Vlahos

Michael Vlahos, et al., The Empire Has No Clothes - August 8

Mike frames the decision to drop the bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki beginning on August 6, 1945, as a classic American horror story: while it’s wish to end the war was granted, it gave the U.S. way more than it bargained for: powerful, nearly omnipotent control over the international order for the rest of the century and beyond. What that power did to us in the process is a familiar...


Stefan Aarnio, Respect the Grind - August 7

Major world events are coming soon. Are you prepared? Watch this video to find out what I think will happen. In 2020, it’s the 80-year cycle of war after World War Two. We could have a civil war… In 2026, it’s the 250 year birthday of the United States. And usually, after 250 years, democracy turns into tyranny. We could have the end of democracy in that same window!

War Gaming November

The Round Table, The American Mind - August 7

Lefty all-stars, including John Podesta and some remnants of the NeverTrump cohort, gathered to run war games to try and predict what will likely happen in November. Spoiler alert: it’s ugly. Potentially civil war ugly. Our editors tackle the tough questions posed by the results of the game. Plus: good ol’ Joe Biden can barely put together a coherent sentence and we’ve got the receipts.

Bret Weinstein on Ending Cancel Culture, Avoiding Civil War and How We Can Unify

Tim Bilyeu, Impact Theory with Tim Bilyeu - August 6

On this episode of Conversations with Tom Bilyeu, Bret Weinstein advocates learning to see both individual responsibility and collective responsibility simultaneously. He discusses the Unity 2020 platform, shares some insight on Andrew Yang’s presidency, and talks about what we need to do now to avoid civil war, environmental destruction, and general moral failure.

Democrats Run War Games Where They Predict They'll Push For Secession And Civil War

Tim Pool, Tim Pool Daily Show - August 3

If Trump Wins. John Podesta played the role of Biden along with many other high ranking officials, professors, and former politicians in a war game around the November 2020 election. In the games every scenario predicted street clashes and rioting. Only one scenario had Trump winning but it was the most alarming.


Bret Weinstein - We Can Stop a Civil War

Bret Weinstein, TriggerNometry - July 26

Bret Weinstein is a biologist, evolutionary theorist and host of The Dark Horse Podcast available on podcasts and YouTube.

Fort Sumter 2.0, States REJECT Federal Authority, Welcome To The Second Civil War

Tim Pool, Timcast IRL - July 21

Tim and Adam see parallels between the Civil War Ft. Sumter and the modern rabble in Portland, they discuss Trump's ability to reopen states and federal action, and Tim asks, "Is it too late?"

Civil War 2.0 Is Upon Us, Far Left Breaches Federal Court, Democrats REJECT Federal Jurisdict...

Tim Pool, Tim Pool Daily Show - July 21

Democrats at the state level, the local level, and even the federal level are rejecting DHS and Federal Jurisdiction and demanding that Trump remove Federal Law Enforcement from their own courthouses.Senator Tom Cotton went as far as to say the far left...

Manhood and the Fall of Civilization

Spencer Klavan, The Young Heretics - July 21

Does this story from the fall of the Roman republic hold wisdom for America in her troubled moment? In this episode of Young Heretics, Spencer Klavan explores how Gaius Gracchus tries and fails to propose an entirely new constitution.

The Beginning of the End

Spencer Klavan, The Young Heretics - July 14

To prevent our own republic from failing, we must look to the wisdom of Western history and find insights from moments similar to our own. If only our elite professors would pay attention! In this episode of Young Heretics, Spencer Klavan explores the "Gracchan disturbance," a turbulent and dramatic period in Roman history, to find wisdom for our own unsettled times.

Civil War​

Canadian Prepper, Canadian Prepper Podcast - July 12

Some Canadian preppers discuss how preppers should think about and prepare for civil breakdown as an increasingly possible circumstance

Is America Heading Toward A Civil War?

Wayne Dupree, Wayne Dupree Show - July 9

Some people might question if we are actually to the point of open conflict; they might accuse me of “doom-mongering”. Others may argue that conservatives are acting “passive” and that we will never take any action. These assumptions are common right now because such people do not understand how history progresses and how group psychology evolves. Domestic war is not something pursued lightly...

Civil Wars, Argentina, HBD (available now only by subscription at Gumroad)

Bronze Age Pervert, Caribbean Rhythms - July 9

In first part of show I talk prospects of civil war in America, comparison to Argentina in 1970's, and some current events. I am a Moderate Centrist. In the second part of show I talk some HBD matters, in particular why ancient Greks and Romans might have had similar stereotypes about temperaments of North Euros and some Africans.

New Civil War (explicit)

Hanson and Jose, The Boomer and the Zoomer - June 19

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Introducing 'Behind the Police'

Robert Evans, It Could Happen Here - June 16

How did American police get so violent? The answer to that question goes back centuries, to the earliest days of this nation. On this special podcast miniseries hosts Robert Evans and rap artist Propaganda (Jason Petty) draw a straight line from the darkest days of slavery, to the murder of George Floyd and the mass violence American police meted out to their citizens this summer. 

The End of the United States of America

Robert Evans, It Could Happen Here - May 29

One way or another, the United States as we know it is going to end. How can we make sure what comes next is better than what came before?


Our Civil War of Religion

Michael Knowles, Michael Knowles Show - Nov 13, 2019

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of “Make America Great Again.” It was the age of “America was never really great.” It was the election season of hope. It was the election season of despair. The Atlantic Monthly, and many others, thinks America is headed for a civil war, and it dedicates its entire December issue to how it might be avoided. We will examine our biggest divide.

The Good Side of the Second American Civil War​

Robert Evans, It Could Happen Here - May 13, 2019

Most of what we've talked about in this podcast has been distinctly dark and depressing, but on this episode we talk about how violent war might make life better.

The Next American Genocide

Robert Evans, It Could Happen Here - May 15, 2019

The Second American Civil War opens the door for the next great American genocide.

"If we didn't have Obama, we wouldn't have Trump"

Laure Mandeville, Trump: The New Civil War - Oct 31, 2018

Laure Mandeville meets with Lori, a democrat teacher in Pennsylvania.

The Second American Civil War

Robert Evans, It Could Happen Here - March 28, 2018

Are you worried about the possibility of The Second American Civil War? In Episode 1 of, 'It Could Happen Here,' Robert explains why 2016 was the first time he started to seriously worry about it.

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