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June 2020

Uncomfortable truths

Abel Prieto, Granma - June 30

The protests that erupted in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, in the U.S. and other countries, have made visible a conflict that tends to go unnoticed: symbolic war. Demonstrators have furiously attacked enemies of bronze and marble, quiet and meek in appearance.

Facebook purges US 'boogaloo' extremists trying to kickstart a new civil war

Laurence Dodds, The Telegraph - June 30

Facebook has launched a new crackdown on far-Right "boogaloo" extremists accused of attempting to exploit the George Floyd protests in order to start a second US civil war.

On the brink of a new Civil War?

Jerry Rahoi, The Daily News - June 29

All it takes is for one shot to be fired, and please pardon my bluntness, but all hell will break loose.

White Supremacy In The Villages? What Trump’s Troubling Tweet Says About America

Seth Cohen, Forbes - June 28

Some white nationalists are aligning themselves with other groups that have surfaced over the past several months, such as the Boogaloo movement, that sees America as heading towards a new civil war.

How to Fight Back in Our New Civil War

John Mills, The Epoch Times - June 27

Many assert there is a “coming” civil war. News flash—we’re in it. Pure and simple, we are in a modern, information-age civil war for the future of the United States.

You say you want a revolution?

Will Lloyd, Spectator USA - June 24

History professors compare our present moment to 1917 Russia. 

'They Would Like Us to Fight a New Civil War': GOP Frustrated, Dems Block Sen...

N/A, CBN News - June 24

A Republican policing reform bill hit a roadblock Wednesday as Senate Democrats blocked it, leaving the parties to decide whether to negotiate a compromise or walk away despite public outcry over the killings of black Americans.

How to Avoid the Second American Civil War​

Jason Pack, National Interest - June 21

This November, a second American civil war could erupt when one side loses the elections and the other takes to armed resistance or looting.

The current Civil War is fought on cultural territory

Clarence Page, Omaha World-Herald - June 19

Sometimes I think that maybe the Civil War is over. But then something comes along to remind me how, in many minds, the war never really ended. Once it was fought with swords, now it's with symbols.

The boogaloo movement is gaining momentum. Who are the boogaloo 'bois' and what do they want?

Khrysgiana Pineda, USA Today - Jun 19

During recent months of unrest over coronavirus shutdowns and deaths of unarmed Black Americans in police custody, a right-wing extremist group aimed at overthrowing the government has been growing, experts say.

The Second American Civil War Has Already Been Fought and Academia Won

Stephen Kruiser, PJ Media - June 18

As American cities that have been longtime bastions of Democratic party rule continue their toilet-swirl into prolonged chaos, many are asking if this is finally the tipping point for the beginning of a second American Civil War.

The Revolution Of 2020: Testing The Bounds Of A New Civil War In America

Alan Bergstein, The Published Reporter - June 17

Make no mistake about it, this is a test case; a mini Civil War.

BAD 'BOYS' The fringe ‘Boogaloo Boys’ group ‘wants to spark a new Civil War’ and are blamed for plo...

Danielle Cinone, The Sun - June 17

The Boogaloo Boys is a loose community which is brought together by the belief of a coming second American Civil War - which some perceive as a race war.

Our Civil War never ends. It’s not even intermission.

Clarence Page, The Day - June 16

Sometimes I think that maybe the Civil War is over. But then something comes along to remind me how, in many minds, the war never really ended. Once it was fought with swords, now it's with symbols.

Poll: 34% of American Voters Think Second Civil War Is ‘Likely’

Penny Star, Breitbart News - June 16

A Rasmussen Reports poll released Monday reveals that 34 percent of likely U.S. voters think the United States will experience a second civil war sometime in the next five years, but that includes only nine percent who say it is “very likely.”

An American Civil War​

Osaama Saifi, Santa Barbara Independent - June 14

Civil War. Two words to describe today. No one would have conceived that America — the greatest country in the world — could even be categorized to be in a state that could be described as a “civil war.”

Sen. Josh Hawley: The Left Wants A Civil War

Sen. Josh Hawley, The Federalist - June 12

You’d think the way some in the media talk about this country that they’re sad we’re still not fighting the Civil War. They would like us to fight a new civil war in our culture, day and night, without end.

America’s Civil War​

Robert Kuttner, The American Prospect - June 9

America is as close to civil war as it has come since 1861, and once again the central driver is America’s founding stain—deep, persistent, brutal racism.

America’s new civil war (II)

Basil A. Coronakiss, New Europe - June 12

The first battles of the Second American Civil War began when Donald Trump was elected president and he began to openly take on the entrenched powers that be on Wall Street.

Both Left and Right Should Stop Blithely Wishing for a New Civil War

Steven Greenhut, Reason - June 12

All that accomplishes is encouraging us to view our fellow Americans as enemies, to see ourselves as members of warring tribes rather than citizens of a nation.

To Win the Cold Civil War, Seek Peace through Strength​

Jeremy Carl, The American Mind - June 4

The good news is that the Cold Civil War (in the memorable phrase of Angelo Codevilla) can be won using the same tactic that Ronald Reagan used to win the Cold War: peace through strength.

The New American Civil War

Basil A. Coronakiss, New Europe - June 3

The second American Civil War erupted on March 27, 2020, when Donald Trump launched a frontal assault against the American banking and financial establishment through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and authorised the US Treasury to take control over the Federal Reserve.

Trump Begins His New Civil War With Flash-Bangs and a Photo Op

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout - June 2

Late yesterday afternoon, a president who couldn’t spell “Constitution” if you spotted him the “onsti” and the “ution” appears to have gestured toward inciting a second civil war.

Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo

Ian Greenhalgh, Veterans Today - June 1

If you doubt that the current peaceful protests are being turned into riots, not only by over-zealous Israeli-trained police thuggery, but also by a number of white extremist Klan types urged on by Trump to start the ‘boogaloo’ then you haven’t been paying attention.

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