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March - April 2021

Refashioning American Whigism

Cole Simmons, American Mind - April 16

Glenn Ellmers’ essay “Too Much of a Unity” asks: What should be done now that Trump has lost and many states cannot be trusted to hold legitimate elections? More than attempting to formulate a positive plan, Ellmers is trying to show that the Claremont position is adaptable to a time when the “dissident right” has immense potential, as well as some of the strongest critiques of the present regime. Well-meaning elder conservatives, w...

A Crisis, but not a Disaster

Richard Reinsch, American Mind - April 16

Glenn Ellmers’ essay “Too Much of a Unity” aims to navigate us through our present discontents by focusing our thinking on the core ideas and principles of the America Founding. The essay rigorously engages the scholarship of his mentor, Harry Jaffa, rooting Ellmers argument in the Aristotelian and natural rights purposes of American constitutionalism. Here we obtain a grasp of how our present constitutional order stacks up to...

Too Much of a Unity

Glenn Ellmers, American Mind - April 16

How should Americans--those citizens truly committed to the American ideals--understand the times in regard to the ends they seak and the best means of achieving those ends? Does the American constitutional order contain within it sufficient means of dissenting from it? It is time to rediscover the muscular means of dissent provided in the Constitution as the founders themselves understood it. Ever since Lincoln, the ideas of unio...

Say Goodbye to Hollywood -The Left’s Assault on Creative Freedom

Ed Brodow, WBAP New - April 29

Frances McDormand was this year’s winner of the Best Actress Oscar. She also won in 2018, at which time she showed up on my radar screen because she abused her stardom by engaging in political rhetoric. McDormand argued that both cast and crew in all movies ought to be composed of at least 50 percent women and minorities. Her liberal outburst seemed far-fetched then but three years later, thanks to the ascendency of identit...

America's New Civil War

Harlan Ullman, Daily Times - April 29

Today, more than a century-and-a-half after the Civil War, the US is once more at war with itself. But this time around the clash is not about power, authority or the rights of the federal government over individual states. Rather, racism and socio-economic disparity and injustice lie at the heart of today’s battleground. Worryingly, one party is in denial about the dangers of this latest conflict while the other misreads the cures.

Say Goodbye to Hollywood -The Left’s Assault on Creative Freedom

Ed Brodow, WBAP New - April 29

Frances McDormand was this year’s winner of the Best Actress Oscar. She also won in 2018, at which time she showed up on my radar screen because she abused her stardom by engaging in political rhetoric. McDormand argued that both cast and crew in all movies ought to be composed of at least 50 percent women and minorities. Her liberal outburst seemed far-fetched then but three years later, thanks to the ascendency of identit...

The Democratic Party is Now America’s Extremist Party

J. Robert Smith, American Thinker - April 28

Millions of Americans know. Daily, others are coming to grips with the reality. But fear pervades the nation, so many people stay quiet. They stay quiet hoping destruction isn’t visited upon them.

America can be united

Daniel Vuleta, The News Enterprise - April 25

America can avoid a civil war. We have the solution already. It's called the Constitution. We have the power in various ways to reform our political direction through elections, amendments, or even a constitutional convention. What is stopping us from unifying under the idea of constitutional reform?

To prevent civil war, enact gun restriction laws

Bill Ketter, The Ada News - April 24

Mass murder is a tragedy we shouldn't experience. Guns these days are very lethal, and our politics are volatile. If we want to avoid another civil war, we need to enact gun restriction laws.

Right Wing Extremists Admit Police are Helping to Train Them

Farron Cousins, The Ring of Fire - April 24

Just as we all expected, the corrupt police are working together with extremist right wing groups like Oath Keepers. They are all training together to prepare for what they call a "coming civil war."

The Walls In our Head

Kerstin Lange, Rutland Herald - April 23

When the Berlin Wall came down tine 1989, the whole world rejoiced because of what it represented. Today, though, there is a new wall erected in the minds of Americans, the wall of partisanship. The Left stubbornly holds the Right to be racists, and the Right stubbornly holds the Left to be socialists, and each side is stuck on its side of the wall. In the spirit of Lincoln, we must learn to be friends again and to tear down the wall that divides us.

Five Questions The Political Media Is Wrestling With In Covering America’s ‘Uncivil War’

Perry Bacon Jr., FiveThirtyEight - April 19

The media plays a very large role in the "uncivil war" raging in America as President Biden called it in his inaugural address. The media will play a role, for good or ill, in how Americans view the government and their fellow Americans. Here are five questions to consider on the topic of the role the media plays or ought to play in our politics.

After the Voting Wars, Who’s Likely to Turn Out in 2022?

Ed Kilgore, Intelligencer - April 21

The political divisions that erupted surrounding the 2016, 2018, and 2020 elections may continue into 2022, but those divisions are increasingly involving voting protocols and laws, which have been changing in light of several factors. Hitherto Americans have remained content to fight out their differences in the ballot box. Will they continue to have faith in that system in the future?

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is launching 'MyStore' — a 'patriotic' version of Amazon

Cheryl Teh, Business Insider - April 13

Mike Lindell's MyStore attempts to be a conservative alternative to Amazon, featuring items like "freedom flags," "freedom coffee," and books about Trump. The site promises many more items "coming soon."

America's Prolonged Civil War

Harlan Ullman, Daily times - April 16

After Robert E. Lee and his officers surrendered at Appomattox court house, Ulysses S. Grant agreed to pardon them from charges of treason provided they maintained terms of parole. Afterwards, though, others tried to bring civil charges against Lee and his officers, threatening unending reprisals for the war. Grant, in his wisdom, urged the country to heal and to keep the terms he had agreed to at Appomattox. 160 yea...

The Boogaloo movement's new strategy to cooperate with radical left-wing groups

Editors, Al Jazeera - April 16

The anti-government Boogaloo movement is seeking to distance itself from radical right-wing groups and instead cooperate with radical anarchist and left-wing groups in a strategy to try to overhthrow the US government from within. The latest tactic, called "agorism," is a plan to work with community organizers throughout the country to try to bleed the government dry of tax revenues, bringing the government to a standstill. The...

Democracy dies when the media lies

Ramech Thakur, Spectator: Australia - April 17

America's mainstream media has an evident bias against conservatives, but its support of the effort to destroy Donald Trump with stories such as the Russia Collusion hoax have weakened America's foreign policy now. Rather than democracy dying in darkness, it dies when the media lies.

New play explores racism and protecting "Blackness" in a post-second civil war America

Editors, Yale News - April 14

Rachel Lynett's new place is set in the fictional world of a post-second Civil War. Bronx Bay, an all-Black state is established in order to protect “Blackness.” As Jules’ new partner, Yael, moves into town, community members argue whether Yael, who is Dominican, can stay. Questions of safety and protection surround both Jules and Yael as the utopia of Bronx Bay confronts where the line is when it comes to defining who is Black an...

Frontline: Documentary "American Insurrection" and Boogaloo Bois

Gisela Pérez de Acaha, Kathryn Hurd, and Ellie Lightfoot, PBS - April 13

An extensive examination of Boogaloo Boy Steven Carrillo's attempt to start a second civil war and the connection with the wider increase in domestic militia groups. Also included here a video of the full-length Frontline documentary "American Insurrection"

The New Civil War: Blue States Soak The Rich; Red States Sue To Cut Taxes

Sarah Hansen and Janet Novack, Forbes - April 10

The Trump administration's corporate tax breaks affected Blue states more than Red because the budgets of the former are more dependent on corporate revenues than the latter. Now leaders in Blue states are hoping that Democrats in Congress will reverse the Trump tax reforms and relieve them of the need to raise state corporate tax rates. This divide between Red and Blue states is yet another example of how Americans are incr...

Democrats and Republicans No Longer Speak the Same Language

Michelle Cottle, New York Times - April 9

English is a living language, built to grow and evolve, but the red-blue political split is pushing its limits. There are increasingly fierce disagreements over what it means to be “canceled,” what constitutes “bipartisanship” — and don’t even try to figure out what counts as “infrastructure.”

We Have to Prove Democracy Works: The Filibuster Must Be Reformed

Robert H. Sulnick, Independent - April 5

I have repeatedly argued that we are in the midst of a second civil war, with Republican elected officials acting as combatants in the conflict. These voting laws, predominantly aimed at restricting minority access to the polls, should be labeled for what they are: voter suppression. If America is to remain a functioning democracy, they cannot be allowed to stand. The logical appropriate response is a Federal voters' rights bill.

The Two-Party System Has America Hanging by It’s Fingernails

Richard Lee Abrams, City Watch - April 5

When The Declaration set forth the basic values of the nation, the signers knew that it would take a long, long time to actualize those values, The US Constitution established a framework by which everyone could “breathe free.” However, people are not angels and the monetization of hate by both political parties has brought us to a second civil war.

Time to Reform the Filibuster

Robert Sulnick, Santa Barbara Independent - March 17

In past articles, I have argued that we are in the midst of a modern civil war. I believe the January 6 insurrection proves the point. Republican legislators are combatants in this war. They have made it clear that they see both state voter suppression and the filibuster as weapons in that war. The Democrats have to respond; too much is at stake.

The Doom of the Elite

Michael Vlahos, The American Conservative - April 6

Civilization is taught as the history of elites. For five thousand years, the world of cities (civitates) has depended on elites for leadership. Yet leadership gone bad is the oldest story of civilization. Leadership becomes aristocracy. The authority to govern becomes the right to rule. Law giving becomes law enforcement. Duty to defend becomes license to oppress.

A cold civil war is being waged in America

David A Love, Aljazeera - March 29

The nation is now divided between people who want a multiracial democracy in which every American is allowed and encouraged to vote and those who yearn for an anti-democratic system in which an extremist white minority has unchecked control over everyone else. The latter group is represented by the Republican Party, which is brazenly waging a cold civil war by pushing for unprecedented voter suppression...

The United States so reviles itself, it might actually break up

Freddy Gray, GQ Britain - March 26

The union of American states has never seemed more brittle. Had Trump won the election, it could easily have broken up, and the 78-year-old Joe Biden seems powerless to bring the kind of unity he himself has said is essential. Is the 245-year-old experiment in liberty nearly over?

While the left marched into institutions, conservatives marching away—U.S. on brink of one-party rule

Robert Romano, Daily Torch - March 26

Is America on the brink of Democratic one-party rule? Or, maybe the revolution has already happened. Take a look around. Public schools. The bureaucracy. Newspapers. Hollywood. Big Tech. Wall Street. The political left has an ideological grip on most of the key institutions underpinning our civil society. The left is winning, but they are doing it not despite but with the support of the right. We must stop supporting the Left in their ...

The whole problem with the Christian call to take up arms against the government

Michael Brown, Christian Post - March 25

The notion that our current government is so corrupt and that our nation is so far gone, with our most essential liberties under daily assault, that an armed conflict with the government is inevitable is categorically wrong because the biggest problem in our nation is the Church, and that is the area where we should take the fight.

"Conservatism” is no Longer Enough"

Glenn Ellmers, The American Mind - March 24

Let’s be blunt. The United States has become two nations occupying the same country. When pressed, or in private, many would now agree. Fewer are willing to take the next step and accept that most people living in the United States today—certainly more than half—are not Americans in any meaningful sense of the term.

Majority of the country believes the media lies to them and that we are headed for a civil war

Matt Vespa, Townhall - March 15

The institutional Left has not just thrown caution to the wind but has said many of the things they’ve kept quiet about out loud.

Pulling Back the Curtain: Why Democrats Impose Extreme Agenda They Know Americans Don't Support

Bryan Preston, PJ Media - March 12

A sort of cold civil war has descended on the nation in the form of critical race theory and cancel culture which has everyone everywhere walking on eggshells lest they offend the easily offended and find their reputations in tatters and their lives destroyed instantly.

The Civil War of Wishful Thinking

Kevin D. Williamson, National Review Online - March 7

I do not think the United States is headed toward a civil war — civil wars are too much work. But it does matter that the dominant American political fantasy of our time is a dream of civil war. The two main currents of American life — the rural-religious-conservative and the urban-hedonist-liberal — have always been at bottom incompatible. But the big changes of the 21st century — globalization, political centralization, and ...

The moment the ‘cold civil war’ turned hot

Katharine Shilcutt, Rice University News - March 8

Princeton professor Eddie Glaude told an audience at Rice Univeristy that we are still in a "cold civil war," and that the January 6 riots were motivated by racial animus, out of a belief that the election was stolen because "only white votes matter." America's original sin is white supremacy, and until we turn for that sin, we will never heal.

Analysis Finds Jan. 6 Insurrectionist Mob Was 'Hodgepodge' of Unaffiliated Right-Wing Extremists

Brett Wilkins, Common Dreams - March 4

While the overwhelming majority of individuals charged so far in connection with the deadly January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol are unconnected to organized militias or other known extremist groups, a preliminary assessment conducted by researchers at George Washington University found they comprise a "hodgepodge" of individuals inspired by far-right ideologies. Here's what the report found.

FBI testifies Wolverine Watchmen were trying to instigate a second Civil War

Michael Krafcik, WWMT channel 3 - March 4

"The Wolverine Watchmen were using the Boogaloo for civil war, meaning everything that means come with war. By violence or any means necessary," FBI Special Agent Henrik Impola testified.

American democracy survived the Trump-led insurrection, but the threat remains

Editorial Board, S. Florida Times - March 2

We need to start calling Right wing racist violence in the country what it really is, 'domestic terrorism.' Democratic congressmen and women are starting to pressure the Biden administration to institute directives that call for monitoring of armed forces' personal social media accounts and will continue to hold accountable all those who supported or stood by silently during the January 6th riots.

Concerns about 'lethal,' 'persistent' threat of white supremacist extremism in wake of Capitol riot

Chuck Goudie and Barb Markoff, Christine Tressel and Ross Weidner, abc7Chicago - March 2

The Capitol riots proved that, while Left wing extremism can be dangerous, the real threat in the country is from Right wing white supremacist groups.

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