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May - Jul 2021

Progressivism’s Collapse and Why it Matters

J. Robert Smith, American Thinker - July 21

Today's Progressives are radicalized liberals who have been transformed. This transition bodes ill for the nation as this decade is shaping up to be one of the most tumultuous and momentous in the country’s history. The hard-left cohort is now waging an intensifying cold civil war against the American Experience -- against the very values and principles that justified our revolution and then the founding. Whether this cold civil war turns hot is a matt...

Two systems of justice in the US is proof we are in a cold civil war

Paul Mirengoff, PowerLine Blog - July 19

Paul Allard Hodgkins, one of the protesters who stormed the Capitol on January 6 was just sentenced to 8 months in prision. This sentence would be fair if it were commensurate with what radical Leftists receive for their protests, which are often quite violent. Hodgkins was not involved in any violence at the Capital, and despite that, he got 8 months, while violent Leftists rarely ever recieve jail time. It’s clear to me that there a...

Controversial El Paseo business owner's latest window display warns of 'civil war'

Brian Blueskye, Desert Sun - July 16

An El Paseo businesswoman, Denise Robergé, has closed her art gallery and put it up for sale, and in the meantime she has turned her window display into a statement that the Biden-Harris administration is leading the country toward civil war. Robergé has helped lead protests and stirred up controversy before, once with a "White Lives Matter" window display. This time, though, she's convinced that things are so bad...

Older Americans feel bewildered by our times, and yet our voices are needed

Gene Goffin, The Daily Sentinel - July 18

Our country feels like it is locked in a death grip of political stalemate: two sides equally powerful, neither side wanting to back down. We once tried to solve an argument through civil war, but it was only a pyrrhic victory. Now the storm clouds of civil war appear again on the horizon, and many senior Americans feel powerless to do anything about it but retire and let others deal with it. This is when our voices are needed most...

Is Biden really the Lincoln of our time?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The Lawton Constitution - July 16

Joe Biden claims that Republican lawmakers' efforts to shore up election integrity after the 2020 election is tantamount to the Confederate rebellion during the Civil War. Positioning himself as the new Lincoln, Biden's use of hyperbolic language is so beyond the obvious truth that comes off as more ridiculous than serious.

47% of West Coast Dems, 66% of Southern Republicans Want to Secede From U.S.

Aila Slisco, Newsweek - July 14

A new study reveals that two-thirds of Southern Republicans say they support breaking away from the U.S. and forming their own country with nearby states, while nearly half of Democrats on the West Coast would do the same.

2 in 3 Republicans in the South support SECEDING while half of Democrats out West say the same

Ariel Zilber, Daily Mail - July 15

A new survey shows increasing support for secession among Americans in every region of the country. Here is a look at the results as well as a few proposed plans for how the United States could break up.

Our fragile democracy is threatened from within

Brian Howey, Goshen News - July 12

One of the most vivid moments of my fatherhood was sitting in the woods one hot early July day on the Gettysburg battleground between Devil’s Den and Little Round Top, watching my two sons climb up what became the most important strategic heights of the American Civil War and a turning point for civilization.

Will we 'cancel' Independence Day?

William Lloyd, The Tribune-Democrat - July 10

As the United States is becoming less united all the time, it is worth asking what it will take to settle our disagreements. Some fear that only a violent civil war will be able to resolve our conflicts. The fallout of the 2020 presidential election has led to a disturbing loss of faith in our electoral process, and it is not clear that that faith will ever be restored. Without that faith, though, in a process of resolution through persuasion, how can we avoid res... 

The Scarlet 'E'

Angelo Codevilla, American Greatness - July 9

The Biden administration is trying to label any conservative movement or individual that disagrees with the fundamental tenets of the progessive Left as "extremist," and they have the support of Big Tech behind them. They are encouraging Americans to turn on each other just as in totalitarian dystopian novels in order to sow distrust among Republicans, fearful that they too could be labeled as an Extremist.

A Nation Divided -- But a Common Origin

Editorial Board, The Colorado Springs Gazette - July 4

We celebrate our Independence Day amid an increasingly undeniable political divide in our country that seems to threaten our security and continued liberty. Perhaps the best way to try to bring some unity is to remember exactly who we are from the perspective of the American Revolution: we are Americans, a new people, whose identity is based in the principles of the Declaration of Independence. On that basis, let us make common cause...

The crisis of two constitutions

Charles R. Kesler, Deseret News - July 5

Underlying our cold civil war is the fact that America increasingly is torn between two rival cultures, two constitutions, two ways of life and two competing visions for what constitutes the country. There seem to me five possibilities for resolving our contemporary cold civil war. The most obvious would be victory by one side or the other. The second would be by changing the subject to something much bigger than our petty squabbles, but...

Conceived in Liberty

Dan O'Donnell, MacIver Institute - July 2

Our nation is engaged in a great debate about the origins of our birth. Were we a nation conceived in liberty or slavery? Abraham Lincoln's iconic Gettysburg Address reminds us of the ideals our founders established as the moral compass of the country. We already fought a bloody civil war over those ideals, and 150 years later, we are engaged in a new civil war, testing whether that nation can long endure an assault on the notion that it wa...

A Nation Divided against Itself

Unknown, The Sun Chronicle - July 3

Today we live in the less United States. No, we are not on the verge of civil war, but we are a house divided against itself, and that division looks only to be getting worse. Can we find common ground again?

How will this end?

Matt Walsh, YourObserver - July 1

We always hope our “Spirit of America” section helps stir readers’ patriotic sentiments. And we hope it reminds us that what we have — one of the freest nations in the world — is always so tenuous. As a friend has told us repeatedly: We have been in the midst of another civil war since 2016, at least since then — albeit one that so far, thankfully, has avoided widespread death. It sure feels like a civil war...

Missouri Gov. Parson’s gun law echoes actions that led to the start of the Civil War

Michael J. C. Taylor, The Kansas City Star - June 30

This month, Gov. Mike Parson signed the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which proclaimed Missouri would no longer enforce federal gun laws. Americans have witnessed such state defiance against the federal government before, and last time, they led to civil war. Will we not learn our lesson and travel down the road to civil war again?

When We Become the Enemy

Jenna Stocker, Ricochet - July 1

As politics takes on a pseudo-religious zealousness, some might say it is a Holy War between two countering sides. But this war for America has quickly turned into a new Civil War that, much like the war waged under President Abraham Lincoln, will determine the direction of this nation for generations to come. Historically America is very adept at fighting and winning wars when a definite, hostile enemy is identified and targeted. We...

50 years ago, the U.S. ratified the 26th Amendment; don’t expect it to ratify another — ever

Thomas F. Schaller, The Baltimore Sun - June 30

Fifty years ago the 26th Amendment was ratified. It involved incredible speed and bipartisanship that we have never seen since. Those days are over. We may never again be capable of mustering the kind of bipartisanship required to agree on a constitutional amendment, and that should give us pause. What should alarm Americans is that the prospect of another civil war, however remote that may seem, is more likely today than altering the...

Will this July 4 be our last?

Al Everson, The West Volusia Beacon - June 29

Americans will soon gather to celebrate their 245th Independence Day. Amid the celebration, though, our nation is in grave danger. Political and social differences are such that there is raw hatred between those who cannot agree. Hate is the spirit of murder, and some civic leaders and academics predict America will be rent asunder by a new civil war within a few years. Consider the words of Abraham Lincoln: “If destruction be our lot...

To Save the Union, Salutary Neglect

S. Adam Seagrave, American Mind - June 9

By constraining, suffocating, and sometimes even crushing the more local governments that are usually better positioned to merit the term, centralized and concentrated power at the state and national levels hinders local government from providing for local needs in ways that are reflective of and responsive to local communities. The more the state and national governments do, the less is left to be done by local governments.... 

Seeing Past Statehood

Christopher Buskirk, American Mind - June 9

Democrats are champing at the bit to replay the 1850s and have a fight over admitting two more states to the union. Democrats wrap themselves in the lofty-sounding rhetoric of liberalism when talking about statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, but they are motivated by the same destructive political calculus of the antebellum era: admit the territories as states that will give you control of the senate so that you can...

Breaking Up is Ours to Do: The possibility of secession has never seemed more plausible

F. H. Buckley, American Mind - June 11

Secession wouldn’t be entirely impossible. As I argued in American Secession (2020), a civil war would be unlikely. "Donor” states that send more money to Washington than they receive back from the federal government would find it financially advantageous to secede. Further, the legal barriers to secession are weaker than most think.

RealClear Publishing: The New Civil War: Exposing Elites, Fighting Utopian Leftism, and Restoring America

Unknown, PR Newswire - June 22

A respected conservative voice, Bruce D. Abramson, Ph.D., J.D., tells his fellow patriotic Americans how to defend their country in his transformative new book, The New Civil War: Exposing Elites, Fighting Utopian Leftism, and Restoring America. Featuring a foreword by President Trump's former strategist Sebastian Gorka, PhD, The New Civil War is not a call for war. It is a recognition that war has already been declared on America. ...

Redrawing the Lines

Michael Anton, American Mind - June 9

What if we were to allow counties, cities, and towns unhappy with their current state government to join another? This would be a practical, and practicable, way to ease Blue and Red Americans’ present discontent and exasperation with each other. A reorganization of state, county, and city lines in America would be an act of statesmanship on the grandest scale since the Civil War, perhaps since the founding itself. ...

The Small Secessions of the New Civil War

Daniel Greenfield, Canada Free Press - June 22

The cold civil war is being shaped not by national, but local secessions like the one in Buckhead from the city of Atlanta as neighborhoods try to secede from cities, cities from counties, and counties from states in a powerful struggle by conservative and centrist communities to define their own way of life. Breaking up states may be a moonshot, seceding from states might be an uphill battle, but the rate of local secessions is growing rapidly.

To Rescue a Nation

Angelo Codevilla, American Mind - June 22

America has changed so much from what it had been just a half century ago that any restoration implies some sort of mutual alienation, separation, or secession, whether as a substitute for civil war or as a result of it. What kind of conflict might it take to rescue ourselves from what we regard as contemporary America’s corruptions? It must involve leadership, and a serious attempt to rescue Americans from an alien regime at war with...

Conflict in the Hinterlands: the Fragmented Geography of the Cold Civil War

Patrick Mazza, CounterPunch - June 18

When the U.S. had its first great break-up in 1861, the geography was fairly well defined by North and South. The geographies of today’s cold civil war are far more complicated. States are split between urban and rural. Metropolitan regions are splintered. Urban cores and increasingly multiethnic and working-class inner suburbs are in tension with largely white outer suburbs and exurbs. The fragmented geography of a dividing U.S. is the center ...

A Third Reconstruction, or a Second Civil War?

Win McCormack, The New Republic - June 17

During Reconstruction it was the Republicans who were constantly fighting for the recognition of rights of black Americans in the face of opposition from Southern whites. Today, though, the two political parties have exchanged historic roles, and a white-supremacist, violence-prone, extremist Republican Party now threatens to undo not only those achievements, but the American democratic order itself. 

White House ‘Domestic Extremism’ Report Puts Target On Democrats’ Political Opponents

Jim Hanson, The Federalist - June 17

The Biden administration's “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism” is an obvious attempt to try to crush political dissent. It calls for abuses of state power to combine elements of totalitarian government with social and cultural engineering. It reads like a press release from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, not a serious look at the dangers we face. As I discuss in my book about America's second civil war, we have had a plethora of wake-up calls recently, but this is the most blatant plan to move past the Constitution an elected government in this country has ever proposed. 

Calls for Mesa County to be a "constitutional sanctuary" are on the rise

Charles Ashby, The Daily Sentinel - June 15

Comparing government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic with “medical tyranny” and the vaccine for it with a Nazi-like “medical experiment,” a group of Grand Valley residents descended on the Mesa County commissioners Monday to denounce efforts to combat the coronavirus and call for the county to be made a “constitutional sanctuary.”

America Has An Existential Civics Education Crisis That More ‘Civics Education’ Will Only Make Worse

Joy Pullmann, The Federalist - June 14

An important battle in our cold civil war is raging over civics education in America between two utterly incompatible views. The first is the institutionally dominant view epitomized by critical race theory and CRT in action like The New York Times’s 1619 Project. The opposing, and original, view of American civics aims to pass on the traditions, dispositions, habits, and beliefs that created the United States and have made it the best ...

A Cold Civil War: The division between a multiracial democracy and an anti-democratic minority

Common Dreams, Milwaukee Independent - June 10

The nation is now divided between people who want a multiracial democracy in which every American is allowed and encouraged to vote and those who yearn for an anti-democratic system in which an extremist white minority has unchecked control over everyone else. The latter group is represented by the Republican Party, which is brazenly waging a cold civil war by pushing for unprecedented voter suppression measures targeting ...

Alleged Santa Cruz Boogaloo Militia Planned ‘War’ on Police, Disguising Themselves as Antifa

Joe Kukura, SFIST - June 7

The Boogaloo movement has a strong accelerationist wing, people who believe a new civil war is imminent and want to help usher it in. They are no different from religious extremists in this way who want to usher in the end of the world and the judgement of God. One tactic the Boogaloo boys have adopted is to disguise themselves as Antifa members and incite violence. So far their plans have not worked out, but we would be foolish not to tak...

Turmoil, roadblocks continue engulfing U.S. politics

Askia Muhammad, The Final Call - June 8

We are in the midst of a cold civil war, but few people realize it. Those who do are white supremacist instigators and GOP state legislators, who are actively trying to restrict voting access to minorities. Now a number of academics are speaking out against this Republican-led attempt to silence the opposition. This is war under another name. The black community must rally behind the strategies they had to use during Jim Crow in order to survive.

Trump's "stolen" election is the new "lost cause" in our new civil war

Jonathan Z. Larsen, Who. What. Why. - June 8

In the aftermath of a vicious election campaign that witnessed a sitting president order his attorney general to arrest and jail his political opponent, followed by a bloody insurrection to halt the certification of the results, a new civil war has broken out. We are once again becoming a nation divided, with family members pitted against each in bitter recrimination. The new Mason-Dixon Line can be almost anything — a MAGA hat, a Black Lives...

'Boogaloo Boi’ killer was an active member of a secretive terrorist militia group planning violence

David Neiwert, Daily Kos - June 7

The "Grizzly Scouts" is the name for a Boogaloo militia movement that is responsible for the murder of an Oakland, CA police officer last year. Now we know that in fact it was not the act of a single “lone wolf” and his accomplice, but rather part of a larger plot to sow chaos and confusion in the hopes that it would lead to a new civil war. The group's strategy was to embed with radical Leftist groups such as Antifa to push their violent tendencie...

Militia plotted ‘war’ against CA cops, taking up arms if Trump invoked Insurrection Act, feds say

Nate Gartrell, Mercury News - June 6

A man who shot and killed a Federal officer in 2020 was posing as working alone but not appears to belong to a network of militiamen who were preparing for a war on California police if then President Trump had declared a state of emergency under the insurrection act following the 1619 riots sparked by the death of George Floyd.

Don’t Let Senate Republicans Keep Us From Learning The Truth About The Attack On The Capitol

Ben Jealous, The Seattle Medium - June 1

Senate Republicans are working to prevent the establishment of a commission to investigate the Capitol Riot of January 6. Clearly that mob had insurrection in mind, and history tells us that the biggest clue to a coming successful coup is a recent failed one. Meanwhile militia groups and other extremists are out there planning more violence, fantasizing about starting a new civil war. We must not let them succeed.

The societal menace of multiculturalism

Andy Caldwell, News Press - May 30

The Left's obsession with critical race theory in the name of multiculturalism is stoking a new race war that could eventually become a new civil war. Christopher Rufo, the nations leading critic of critical race theory, claims that its advocates seek to overthrow the American regime as it is now constituted rather than improve it as it is.

Can Civil Discourse Prevent Our Second Civil War?

Larry Greenfield, Jewish Journal - May 28

It is getting increasingly difficult to argue in America without one side quickly accusing the other side of being morally reprehensible, thereby ending the debate but admittedly losing the argument. There are plenty of examples from the Jewish and American traditions that demonstrate the value of robust debate, and we are at risk of losing the ability to resolve our differences through argument. When that happens, violence is the only other r... 

How did the U.S.' Second Civil War's first year go?

Tom West, West Words - May 28

George Floyd's murder was the beginning of a second civil war in this country. We are now one year into the war, and things are not going well. All the police reforms being put forward will benefit no one except the drug cartels. At the same time, the Left is now undermining the old idea that someone should be judged by their character, not their skin color, and this idea will only lead to more divisiveness, not less. What will year two look like?

Is the Mayor of Chicago Trying to Start a New Civil War?

Editorial Board, The Jewish Voice - May 27

Lori Lightfoot, the Mayor of Chicago, is a throwback to the out-and out racist white mayors of Atlanta, Richmond and other Dixie Belt cities during the Jim Crow era. We wonder, with all of this hatred against whites being promulgated by not only blacks but by whites as well; are we headed for another Civil War, this time to be fought for the rights and liberties of white people?

January 6th was just the beginningas 'second civil war' is being plotted by MAGA

Michael Signorile, RawStory - May 24

Jim Hansen, a far-right commentator—a Fox News pundit, a contributor to the ultra-conservative Federalist, and an insurrection denialist--has written a new book detailing how Conservatives can win a new civil war "without firing a shot." He's serious, and this should disturb us. The talk of a "Second Civil War," as red states are passing more laws allowing access to guns, and as GOP officials do all they can to protect the violent insurrections ...

Is a next Civil War in our future?

Mike Jones, The St. Louis American - May 23

White America is clearly in the midst of a massive political crisis, potentially another civil war. What is there for black people to do in this situation? We must remain in control of our own decision-making, for we may not be able to choose the circumstances, but we always get to choose how we will respond.

Nothing is sacred to Republicans—except Donald Trump. It's all on the line now

Lucian K. Truscott IV, Salon - May 22

Republican judges and law-makers hide their efforts to suppress black voices under the words "equal sovereignty" are just a fancy way to say "states' rights." We are in a new Civil War. The only question left is when the other side will stop using words to attack our laws and pick up their guns.

Toward A Critical Woke Theory

Lewis M. Andrews, The American Conservative - June 1

We need to stop treating Critical Race Theory as a serious argument and, instead, come to a better understanding of what its advocates only pretend to possess: a credible explanation for their own behavior

The Trump-controlled GOP is ready to spark another civil war

Howard Englander, Chicago Now - May 20

When the GOP kicked out Liz Chaney from leadership, they let it be known that they still believe that Trump won the 2020 election, and that means they do not consider Biden legitimate. This condition of a prevalent belief in the illegitimacy of the leader is the prime cause for civil war. Yes, we should be worried.

The threat of civil war didn't end with the Trump presidency

Damon Linker, The Week - May 18

The chilling events of Jan. 6 were made possible by profoundly deep differences between Democrats and Republicans — not over policy or morals, but over reality itself. What if the doubt that surrounded the legitimacy of the 2020 election for many people carries over into our next elections? If that doubt continues to grow and we continue to have close elections, it could easily lead to a breakdown in civil society and even civil war.

Trump's war on reality makes political violence nearly certain the next time an election is close

Travis Gettys, RawStory - May 18

Donald Trump nearly caused a civil war on January 6, but the precedent he set for doubting elections may doom our hopes of peaceful transfers of power in the future if elections continue to be close.

Censorship, Masks, Vaccines, Right, and Revolution

Angelo Codevilla, American Greatness - May 17

The media institutions that effectively determine what is and is not legitimate political speech pretend to defend "democracy," but in reality they are a ruthless oligarchy that rules the rest of the country by right of their mere ability to overpower all other voices. In this way, they are no different from every tyrant who rules by the principle that 'might makes right.'

America – a deeply flawed democracy on the verge of civil war

Alex Lo, South China Morning Post - May 13

Americans are now dangerously close to experiencing a new civil war, but they don't realize it. The reason most Americans can’t imagine a second civil war here is because they’re thinking about the first one. They’re thinking about Gettysburg and big, large conventional armies fighting on the battlefield. But that’s not the way it’s going to happen. Ultimately, if civil war happens in the United States, it will be more like a Siege of Terr...

A new book: "The New Civil War: Exposing Elites, Fighting Utopian Leftism, and Restoring America"

Bruce Ambramson, Amplify - May 6

We are living through a national trauma. The United States has jettisoned the rule of law and ceased functioning as a republic. Battle lines have been drawn. Progressives are moving quickly to cement their transformation of the country’s beliefs, attitudes, values, social structures, economic models, and government organizations. Patriotic Americans are waking up to recognize that conservatism failed to conserve much of anything. Progressives...

Subjugation, Dissolution, or Renewed Federalism?

J. Robert Smith, American Thinker - May 5

No one denies that Americans are increasingly divided. There are only three choices: 1) total domination of one side over the other; 2) violent disunion; and 3) renewed federalism on a scale that is hard for us to imagine right now. Is this third option impossible? Perhaps, but only as impossible as the other two would be terrible in their effects. Would that not be the best way to prevent a cold civil war becoming hot?

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