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November 2020

Let Slip the Dogs of Secession

David Gordon, The Austrian - November 30

Secession has left a bad taste in people's mouths since the Civil War, but the principle of secession has a long history in the US, beginning with our secession from Great Britain. Many prominent Americans from the founding era as well as many modern theorists have suggested that there very well may come a day when breaking up the union may be the best way to preserve the happiness and liberty of the people...

The GOP has a permanent stake in stoking a cold civil war

Robert Reich, Salon - November 28

We may have defeated Trump, but we haven't defeated Trumpism. We must work to push the Biden administration to tackle the systemic conditions that allowed Trump to seize power in the first place or else the GOP will continue to push us toward civil war.

Is civil war in our future?

Alan Webber, Daily Journal - November 28

Who decides who runs the country? When you hate each other but accept the election results, you have a country. When you stop accepting election results, you have a countdown to a civil war.

White supremacist militias and the liberal fear of civil war

Suzanne Schneider, n+1 - November 1

White supremacist militias could team up with conservative state governments in the name of 'law and order' to throw the country into civil war and invoke untold violence against people of color.

There is a cold civil war raging between the urban/suburban and rural parts of America

Bonnie Greer, The New European - November 27

There is a cold civil war raging right now in America, but demography is destiny, and women and people of color are destined to take all the positions of power. The blue wave may be delayed, but it is coming.

Civil War Is Coming. Can We Stop It in Time?

Charles Coulombe, Crisis Magazine - November 23

The country is in the midst of a struggle over Good and Evil, as Jon Voight recently explained, and the evil side will not go quietly into the dark without a fight. Even if Harris-Biden do win the election, they will throw the country into violence in order to purge it of Trump's influence.

This is War

J. Robert Smith, American Thinker - November 24

We have to wake up and realize that the Left is at war with American, regardless of how we on the Right care to view it. They are seeking to sink us in absolute tyranny. We must first realize that we are at war, and then we must choose to fight.

Healing A Divided Nation Is Possible If The Right Accepts The Left's Understanding of Justice

Jennifer Stayton, National Public Radio - November 24

Our nation is deeply divided, but there is a way to heal: the Right needs to recognize that the popular vote is now consistently favoring the Left's view of social justice, and when they do, we can move forward together in unity.

One man brought down democracy in Rome. Trump’s behaving similarly today

Thomas R. Martin, The Washington Post - November 24

Sulla was solely responsible with setting aside the democratic norms of the Roman constitution and overthrowing the republican regime. His rival, Marius, was a true defender of the people, and Sulla, through ruthlessness and a refusal to submit to the traditional norms of constitutional order, defeated him and then terrorized the Roman people. Donald Trump is following in Sulla's footsteps by not conceding the election to Joe Biden.

Is a second American civil war really brewing?

Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times - November 23

People on both Left and Right believe that America is heading for a civil war of some sort, with the nation almost equally and firmly divided into opposing political camps. One way of evaluating this claim is by noting how the election resolves since many people believe that America's fate is tied to that of the election results. We shall see.

Cold (Civil) War in America

Anonymous, Chicago Crusader - November 23

America is in late-stage Weimar Republic territory, and Trump, like Hitler, is trying to overthrow the last vestiges of democracy by stealing the election while accusing his opponent of doing that very thing. We are entering a phase of cold civil war.

The Right Views This Moment as Civil War, the Left as Revolution

Robert Owens, Enter Stage Right - November 23

Many on the Left have likened their battle to a Revolution, and one I think might resemble more what occurred in Russia in November 1917 than anything that has ever happened in our own History. Many on the Right call this the preliminary battles of a new Civil War based not on sectional differences but on what Pat Buchanan warned us about more than thirty years ago; a cultural war for the soul of America.

Should Trump Be Arrested, Tried and Jailed for His High Crimes?

Glynn Wilson, New American Journal - November 22

We should seriously consider prosecuting Donald Trump after his presidency for treason. We can look at how Lincoln and Grant treated the defeated leaders of the Confederacy after the Civil War for guidance for what worked and what did not.

What is My Militia? Far-right online forum preparing for 'Civil War' with President-elect Joe Biden's win

Pathikrit Sanyal, MEAWW Entertainment - November 21

Hundreds of far-right groups have reportedly sprung up across the US and are ramping up recruitment following the defeat of President Donald Trump in the recently-held election. According to a report in The Sun, many of the self-appointed militiamen say that they are preparing for an upcoming "Civil War".

As I See It

Ravi Batra, The Indian Panorama - November 21

The great battle upon us is: Can Americans be safe without the Police, and can the merit-based American Dream co-exist with Socialism? This 2020 Civil War – is about Law & Order, and keeping the American Dream.

Five reasons why Trump's 2020 election challenge will not lead to civil war

Alex Cohen, PRI stories - November 20

I am a political scientist who studies public opinion and American politics. I believe the United States will not erupt in open rebellion. Here are five reasons.

Made By Putin? A 21st Century Slow-Burn US Civil War

Alexei Bayer and Stephan Richter, The Globalist - November 19

Is the upheaval in the country caused by Trump's refusal to concede the election really a move planned and orchestrated by Putin?

'Walk Away’ Speaker Celebrates Proud Boys Violence, Talks of Civil War

Peter Montgomery, Right Wing Watch - November 18

At a pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C., on Sunday sponsored by the Walk Away movement—which includes LGBTQ, Black, and Latino people who have “walked away” from the Democratic Party—several speakers said the movement is all about love. Speaker Drew Hernandez, however, did not seem to get the “love” memo, because he celebrated Proud Boys’ violence against anti-fascist...

Trump was never going to concede, but fanning flames of division, discord unacceptable

Tom Scanlan, Baltimore Sun - November 18

Trump does not plan to concede because he knows that it will increase the division in the country, tempting it with civil war. He does this through his incessant tweets. I do not, though, believe we are headed for a new civil war because I believe Americans are better than that.

Latino voters who fled dictatorships fear election was stolen from President Trump

Romina Ruiz-Goiriena, USA Today - November 17

For most Americans, seeing a presidential election devolve into chaos for weeks is something novel, but many Latino immigrants came to the US from countries where stolen elections, civil war, and election fraud are more common. That experience is leading many of them to believe that the 2020 election may also have been fraudulent.

Living with the Opposition: Can't we all just get along?

Editors, The American Mindset - November 16

Sure, conservatives and people on the left can coexist. One question is whether they have a choice without massive population sorting. My Greek ancestors and their opposite numbers in Turkey did this after the First World War. It worked but it wasn’t very clean. There was another war.

Right-wing militia members claims, 'If this election fails, it’s time to boogaloo'

Bert Johnson, Capradio - November 15

Trump-supporting, right-wing militia members deny that Joe Biden won the 2020 election, and as they wait for Trump to be declared the true victor, they taunt the left with threats of starting a civil war.

Watergate journalist, Carl Bernstein, claims Trump has ignited the cold civil war

Becket Adams, Washington Examiner - November 15

Carl Bernstein suggested that members of the press ought to start revealing the identities of congressmen who divulge information to the press on the condition of anonymity. Bernstein claimed such unprecdented action is justified because Trump has caused a civil war in America.

Beware Trumpism

Raffique Shah, Trinidad Express - November 14

Donald Trump was glad when COVID-19 came to America because he believed it would kill off many blacks and hispanics so he could more easily carry out his plans in his second term. He did not anticipate losing the election, though, and now he might cause a new civil war to hold onto power.

The Next American Civil War is Upon Us

Jim Stroud, Jim Stoud blog - November 12

However unlikely, Donald Trump could still pull an election win out of the lawsuits he is filing. If that happens, though, the Left has done their level best to persuade the Democrats that Biden is already the president and thus Trump's election would be viewed as a coup, justifying revolution.

We’re close to civil war-styled violence due to politics, race and radicalism. It only takes one shot

Dave Lieber, The Dallas Morning News - November 12

The plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan shows us just how close we are to civil war-style violence. We are dependent now on good policing, but is it enough?

Are we really going to have a civil war to protect Donald Trump’s hurt feelings?

Stephen Lyons, The Independent - November 11

As Republicans continue to refuse to concede, Jon Voight compares Biden to Satan, Lindsey Graham raises money for the president’s legal fund, transition funds are withheld by Emily Murphy and marches on DC are planned. Has it really come to nearly a civil war?

We are entering the "Fourth Civil War" that will lead to the break-up of the United States

Thierry Meyssan, - November 10

The division in America today has a long history; it has led to three wars in the past, and it is approaching a fourth crisis now and Joe Biden will not be able to put it back together.

Two different Parties, two different languages, two different truths

Margaret Dickson, Up & Coming Weekly - November 10

The United States is at a critical moment in our history. We are so divided, it is almost like we are speaking different languages. We listen and watch only our own truths, not those of “the other.” Debates are underway about a coming second civil war.

Can Trump really stage a coup? Experts weigh in on whether it's possible

Nicole Karlis, Salon - November 11

Professors and pundits have a few theories on whether President Trump is serious about refusing to leave office. Here's what they have to say.

A Civil War? An Internal Cold War?

Gene Veith, Patheos - November 10

Americans are clearly very polarized, and it is worth considering what might bring them back together. It has been suggested that our 'cold civil war' is not at all like the American Civil War or the Cold War but more like the wars of religion in Europe in the 16th century because like then our division has a color of religiosity to it. An even better metaphor might be the English Civil War. The question remains: how do we ...

The Rule of Law vs. the Militias

James Ceasar & Joseph Loconte, Law & Liberty - November 3

The rule of force is the opposite of the rule of law, and the more one political side takes up the antics of rule by force, the other usually responds in kind till there is a total breakdown in the rule of law. Abraham Lincoln warned against this trend in his Lyceum Address. He knew that it could lead eventually to total breakdown of the rule of law into civil war.

Gridlock – Biden May or May Not Win, but Trump Remains ‘President’ of Red America

Alastair Crooke, Strategic Culture Foundation - November 7

his is just the beginning of a new and more uncertain phase that could go on for weeks. It may be that ultimately Congress will have to certify and make the final determination in late January. Win or lose the White House, Red Trumpism remains as ‘President’ for half America.

This Is A New Civil War: Americans enjoy seeing other Americans in despair

Ian Birrell, Daily Mail - November 7

Can the disunited states of America come together when it seems riven down the middle by two warring tribes? One thing was absolutely clear as I witnessed the factions and felt the frictions in the touchstone state of Pennsylvania over the past few days: America does not feel in a healthy condition, despite many people's desperate desire to restore a spirit of national togetherness.

Pro-Trump Groups Call For Civil War, In Apparent Defiance Of Facebook’s Policy

Jessica Schulberg and Jesselyn Cook, Huffington Post - November 6

Facebook is trying to take down groups, emflamed by Donald Trump's rhetoric, challenging the elction, but new groups pop up in their place. Many of the members of these groups are threatening civil war if Biden becomes the president. Some have threatened to 'fight to the death.'

Are we on the brink of another civil war?

Mark Drought, Stamford Advocate - November 6

The Right threatens a civil war if the election is closely contested. I suspect many of them believe the wrong side won the previous civil war and take exception to the self-evident statement that 'Black lives matter.'

US is heading for another civil war but this one will just be pathetic

Jeremy Clarkson, The Sun - November 6

American Trump supporters are a rowdy, redneck bunch, and they will stoop to the lowest level to defend their relevance in the disgraced person of Donald Trump. The last American Civil War was one of the most brutal and harrowing conflicts ever fought. The next one, if it starts, will be the most pathetic.

The Virtual Secession

William Falk, The Week - November 6

A cold civil war has, over the past four years, led to a virtual secession. Americans now live in two separate realities. In one, Donald Trump is a blatantly corrupt and cruel liar who has smashed norms and decency, purged the federal government of ethical public servants, pandered to racists, and cost tens of thousands of Americans their lives by horribly mismanaging the U.S. response to the coronavirus pandemic...

U.S. on verge of another Civil War

Jerome Irwin, Malaysia Sun - November 6

Trump is very evil, and his followers are also very evil. Trump is a threat to the whole democratic process, and he doesn't care if he brings the whole country down on his own head if he too goes down in this election. If, from some miracle, he does win this election, he will destroy our country. Either way, we are headed for dark days ahead.

Trump is stoking the fires of civil war

Piers Morgan, Daily Mail - November 5

Donald Trump's presidency is slipping away as Biden's electoral lead continues to grow. The big question is what he will do if he fails. Does the world's worst loser have it in him to concede with good grace and dignity? Or is he going to go down with all the shocking bad manners of a spoiled brat on sports day who loses the 100m race to someone he hates and responds by weeping, wailing, punching...

U.S. Cities Confront Unrest That Election Night Spared Them

Rachel Adams-Heard, Sarah Kopit, and Kim Bhasin, Bloomberg - November 4

Predictions of widespread violence fizzled on Election Night. The question now is whether conflict erupts as Trump sows distrust in the count. A leading concern identified by the Transition Integrity Project was a close election in which Trump adopts “a strategy of casting doubt on official election results.” The next step of escalation begins if both candidates start calling supporters to take to the streets... 

Presidential election exposes America’s ‘perilous’ divides

Steve Peoples, The Charlotte Observer - November 5

No matter who wins the White House in this election, he will be the president of a deeply, deeply divided country. What can we learn about that division from this election?

Legislative Appointment Of Electors: An Extreme Legal Move And An Unlikely Profile in Courage

Matthew A. Seligman, Talking Points Memo - November 5

Though it is technically legitimate and feasibly possible for governors to appoint Electoral College electors, contrary to the will of the people of that state, it is not at all likely. The precedent was set for this refusal back in 1876, the last time an election was similarly disputed.

American Shitshow: It’s Happening Edition

Hank Oslo, The American Sun - November 5

There is obvious fraud in the election. What to do? Several different paths could open up. The test will be if Trump supporters will let the Democrats steal the election without a strong battle.

It's time to start thinking about breaking up the union

Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times - November 4

Regardless of the outcome of the presidential election, we need to stop referring to our country as the United States of America. Californians and Kentuckians don’t live in two different states, we live in two different worlds. Why pretend we have anything in common? We would all be happier if we split up.

The coming civil war

David Epps, The Citizen - November 4

Has America had enough of the fighting by factions and the tearing apart of the fabric of this nation by leaders and people with vested interests? I see no evidence of that as yet. Until the suffering people have had enough the fighting will continue. Will it really lead to a shooting civil war? Well, our history tells us that, yes, it can happen even here.

Trump supporter and Happy Days star in blunt US election civil war claim

Josh Saunders, Daily Express - November 4

DONALD TRUMP supporter Scott Baio - best-known for his role in the TV show Happy Days - made a chilling comment about the threat of civil war in comments revealed to

The U.S. Holds Its Breath

Matthew Gault, Vice - November 3

Cities and towns around the country are preparing for chaos and civil unrest in the aftermath of the election. Meanwhile, millions are voting peacefully. Stores are boarding up their windows, betting the cost of materials that violence will soon follow.

Experts predict that the US election will end in violence, regardless of the outcome

Jenae Madden, Happy Mag - November 3

Regardless of the outcome, the results of the US election are predicted to spark violence across the country. Experts are worried that America’s raging political tension could boil over into civil unrest. With the country already polarised, experts predict that this waiting period could see tensions finally reach a breaking point.

Be calm. Be Vigilant.

Adam Russell Taylor, Jim Wallis, Sojourners - November 3

The way this country reacts to this election’s outcome will determine whether the “cold” civil war that Eddie S. Glaude Jr. has described, will become a “hot” one. How the faith community responds matters. Fortunately, a recent survey found that 8 out of 10 Americans say it is important for religious leaders to de-escalate anger before it turns violent and should encourage peaceful protest. If violence arises...

Election Day is almost here: What are the chances of serious political violence?

Chauncey Devega, Salon - November 2

Trump's rallies have always been a festering cauldron of fascism, cult behavior, violence and white supremacist ideology. As Election Day approaches and it appears increasingly likely that Trump will be defeated if the votes of the American people are actually counted, Trump comes ever closer to overtly embracing fascist violence. Here are some various scenarios for how civil violence could breakout after election day.

Why the risk of post-election violence in the US is higher than at any time in recent memory

Alex Ward, Vox - November 2

There’s just no sugarcoating it: The risk of violence in America on or after Election Day is the highest it’s been in recent memory. Should the worst happen — a disputed election, broad civil unrest, a candidate refusing to concede — the US will have entered a dark period of its history. All of this sounds extremely dire, and to be fair, it is. And it’s important to remember that none of this is inevitable.

No, the United States isn't on the verge of civil war

Mary Dejevsky, Spectator Australia - November 2

Many people in the US are expecting the tensions surrounding the presidential election to escalate into a new civil war. Do these people not know how bad things were in the sixties, and yet civil war didn't break out then? The US has endured much worse than what they are experiencing now. There will not be a new civil war.

US election 2020: Shops boarded up amid fears of 'civil war' violence over result

Christopher Bucktin, Daily Mirror - November 1

As the battle to be the US president reaches it's climax there are concerns that a possible "civil war" from armed groups will take place on the streets in a national wave of violence.

Our Most Dangerous Weeks Are Ahead

Charles M. Blow, The New York Times - November 1

The weeks following the election could very well be the most dangerous weeks in this country since the Civil War. Trump will watch his country burn and warm himself by the blaze.

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