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October 2020

Civil War? People Are Bracing For The Worst As Fears Of Election-Related Violence Grow

Bruce C. T. Wright, NewsOne - October 31

Civil war is unlikely, but don't tell that to groups of people around the country gearing up for the election’s outcome and, perhaps more importantly, how that outcome is reached. Here are the things to expect if civil unrest breaks out.

The circumstances of the American election make a peaceful transition of power seem unlikely

Mohamed Chtatou, Morocco World News - October 31

It seems more and more likely that after the elections, the United States will be plunged into one of the biggest crises in its history. Only a victory by Trump or Biden by a very large margin could avoid it.

With Election Day looming, an anxious nation hears rumblings of violence

Marc Fisher, The Washington Post - October 31

Rumors of violent civil unrest after the election are leading some Americans to flee to remote locations. Guns sales are at records hights, and groups Left and Right are planning to protest the election results if they suspect foul play.

Is America on the brink of a Second Civil War?

Frank Chung, - October 31

As the most powerful country in the world heads into what is shaping up to be the messiest, most contested election in its history, no one really knows what will happen. But one thing appears certain – there will be violence. Even if the result is not immediately known, activist groups have vowed to swarm the streets of Washington DC on election day in an attempt to oust the President.

Bill Maher calls for America to 'skip the Civil War,' urges Trump voters and liberals to make peace

Harriet Alexander, Daily Mail - October 31

Comedian Bill Maher used his show on Friday night to urge America that, regardless of who wins on Tuesday, they should 'skip the civil war and go right to reconciliation.' 'So please, whatever happens Tuesday, let's find a way to live together. 'We have to - because no other country will take us.'

The Civil War in Our Hearts

Bonnie Kristan, Christianity Today - October 30

Tribal political antagonism is on a long upward trend, giving this election season’s cyclical worries about a new civil war a less fantastical feel than in elections past. Is that possible? Are we really heading toward large-scale political violence over our election results? I’m skeptical—but even if no one ever takes up arms, we already have a civil war in our hearts.

What will happen in the U.S. after the Nov. 3 election?

Roy Green, Global News - October 30

We in Canada look with anxiety at our neighbor to the south as the November 3rd election approaches, especialy since a new poll suggests 1 in 3 voters believe a new civil war is on the horizon.

Political Tensions Will Lead to the Destruction of the US

Kaitlyn Drake, Fairfield Mirror - October 28

America has been fractured into polarized sides as happened during the Civil Warl. We need to recognize, though, that this polarized state is the fault of politicians, not average Americans. We see this phenomenon especially in the way that we are told to be open-minded about things we shouldn't tolerate such as denying certain people basic human rights. 

Uncivil Wars of Civil Religion

Clifford Humphrey, Law & Liberty - October 29

There are 2 opposing civil religions prevailing in the US, and each is forming citizens according to its understanding of justice. These are, essentially, creating two different peoples in the US with different languages, epistemologies, founding myths, and visions of the Good Life, and they are increasingly losing their ability to talk with one other. This does not bode well.

Americans hate each other. But we aren't headed for civil war

Richard Hanania, The Washington Post - October 29

Most people assume that the political tensions and violence we are witnessing are omens of an impending civil war. This is a false assumption, though, for new models and studies show that civil war does not break out simply where there are political division but in nations where the state itself is weak. For this reason, we should not expect civil war to break out in America any time soon.

Is the U.S. Already in a New Civil War?

Matthew Gault, Vice - October 27

Some experts who have studied sectarian violence in the United States and other countries think we're already in a civil war, but they warn that it would look nothing like what most people expect. No one in the US has experienced total societal collapse in which citizens cannot depend on the state to provide security or safe access to resources...

Will There Be Blood?

Steve Levine, Gen - October 27

By all accounts, the election in a few days will likely leave the American people unsure of the winner. Such a standoff could be the nightmare scenario, in which vote counting cannot be satisfactorily completed. The election could be thrown to the House or the Supreme Court, with an outcome bound to be accepted by only half of the electorate. That's a recipe for disaster like we've never seen before.

It'll Take More than an Election to Defuse the Threat of a New Civil War

Mark Sommer, Newsweek - October 26

The way the election has been teed up this year, it seems we are on the path to mutually assured desctruction. The best way to avoid all out war is to reimagine how we understand federalism so that states are able to have much more sphere of action than they currently have. That way we can all agree to disagree and go our own way.

The nation braces for potential civil war as the election approaches

James-Christian B. Blockwood, Federal Times - October 25

This year has ripped the nation apart, and even now a new civil war is not out of the question. Whatever happens on November 3rd, a duty will fall to the president-elect to reuinte the nation.

Post-election 2020: Two studies say all hell to break loose

Bill Livingstone, American Thinker - October 26

Two recent reports, when combined, paint a dark pathway for America in the coming weeks, a nation set on fire by multiple contentious court battles and widespread daily protests.

There’s Only One Way to Stop Polarization from Tearing America Apart

Hannah Cox, Foundation for Economic Education - October 24

We’re on a dangerous path, and Americans are right to fear violence, retaliation, or even another civil war (of sorts) if we don’t change course. A return to federalism is the only realistic alternative—and how we get out of this mess.

Right-Wing Commentators Threaten “Civil War” if Trump Loses

Tara Dublin, Hill Reporter - October 23

Certain Right-win commentators are stoking the flames of political resenment, preparing their audiences to threaten civil war if Trump doesn't win the November election.

How Fox News has been encouraging America’s extremists hoping for a second civil war

Alex Henderson, AlterNet - October 23

Certain Fox New opinion hosts are more extreme than the more reasonable ones, and these pundits are pushing a paranoia that leads their audience to believe the nation is headed toward civil war.

Is the nation headed for another civil war?

Corky Pickering, Red Bluff Daily News - October 21

What are we to make of all the news about Right-wing conspiracy theorists who are starting to make noise about starting a new civil war?

The storm clouds are gathering

Jeff Taylor, StreetSenseMedia - October 21

Donald Trump will lose his bid for reelection and will refuse to peacefully cede power to Joe Biden. The specific possible scenarios are unfortunately too many and too easy to imagine but make no mistake, Trump is going to lose. There will be an attempted coup d’etat. The question is, how long will it last?

There won't be a civil war after the election — just think about the mechanics of it

Evan Renfro, Des Moines Register - October 26

Here are several reasons practical and theoretical why we can be confident that a new civil war will NOT break out after the November election.

America is in danger of bloody conflicts over the election

Andrija Ivanovic, Kurir (Russian media group) - October 21

The central issue of this election is not whether on 3 November the incumbent, President Donald Trump, or his rival and former Vice-President, Joe Biden, will win. No, the central issue is whether the victory of either candidate will push the deeply divided country into a civil war. Here are the reasons why Americans are prone to believe conspiracy theories that lead them to divide into opposing groups that sometimes espouse violence.

Guest commentary: The second civil war

J. Morgan Pierce, Press Herald - October 23

Just as race relations were the main contention in the years leading up to the first Civil War, so also race relations are a major component of the political divisions in America today. Furthermore, then just as now, civil violence and disrepect for the law are on the rise. We must do our part to vote in leaders we think can navigate these troubled times best and avoid a second civil war.

Our (Un)Civil War

Joel Brockner Ph.D., Psychology Today - October 20

The ways in which Americans on opposite sides of the political divide communicate have contirbuted to the breakdown in civility and increase the possibility of civil discord. We still can and should disagree. But maybe if we did so in different ways, the “uncivil” part alluded to in the title will dissipate, and maybe, just maybe, might the “war” part as well.

Militias used to do the government's work; today they are bastions of anti-government sentiment

Erik Larson, Bloomberg - October 20

The self-styled militia groups raising alarm in the U.S. today draw inspiration from the early days of the republic, when they fought alongside the national army, but these days, militias are known for anti-government animus, some even hoping for a new civil war. Here's what you need to know about these groups.

The Antifa Industry at Work

David Reaboi and Kyle Shideler, American Greatness - October 20

Behind the scenes, an Antifa army is being organized to raise hell outside the bounds of law in the name of 'civil resistance' if the United States does not accept Joe Biden as the new president in November.

Trump fans threatened with letters to BURN DOWN their homes as revenge for starting ‘civil war’

Nicole Darrah, The Sun - October 20

Trump supporters have reportedly been targeted with letters threatening to burn down their homes as revenge if the president were not to concede in the election.

Are the FakeNews Polls a Setup for Post-Election Chaos?

Brian C. Joondeph, American Thinker - October 19

If Trump wins easily, which is my prediction, then the narrative is set for accusations that Trump cheated, with the help of who else, the Russians, stealing the election once again. They will claim he is an illegitimate president and the Democrats will have an excuse to impeach him again, assuming they retain control of the House.

Unity Coalition holds rally to prevent second civil war

Jace Harper, WILX10 - October 17

There was a lot of attention directed at the Michigan State Capitol on Saturday as the Unity Coalition belonging to the Boogaloo Bois invited social justice groups, such as Black Lives Matter, to mingle. One spokesperson said 'We are trying to prevent a second civil war. That’s the point of the event today is to get people to talk to each other so we can rationalize our positions so we’re not at each other’s throat wanting war to hurt people.'

Foiled kidnapping plot in Michigan offers a taste of what civil war in America could look like

Roberto Zanini, il manifesto - October 12

Some have been fearing civil war if the president refuses to accept his looming defeat (although it can never be taken for granted) and tries to snatch victory from a friendly court like the Supreme Court. Is this alarmism? There was a foretaste of it in Michigan. It was empirical proof of how serious the situation is, and how violent it is.

"A Social Civil War"

Brett Shipp, Spectrum News1 - October 15

We seem to be departing from the way of fighting out our disagreements in the political arena and moving toward fighting them out in the streets.

American exceptionalism gives voters a false sense of security about the election

Melissa J. Gismondi and Shira Lurie, The Washington Post - October 16

The tepid response to Trump’s refusal to agree to a peaceful transition of power is a product of 230 years of precedent. Indeed, there’s no shortage of historical examples that mirror some of the tensions unfolding during the current election. But this long history has given many Americans a false sense of security. There is the feeling that because a president has never refused to leave office before, it cannot happen now.

As President Trump’s language grows more heated, fears rise of political violence

Trip Gabriel, Zolan Kanno-Youngs, and Katie Benner, New York Times - October 15

The plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan is only the latest in a growing list of election-related threats. Some experts say the president is emboldening extremists. More people are starting to fear an escalation in civil violence and unrest.

Trevor Noah Examines the Evolution of the Modern Militia Movement

Jon Blinstein, Rolling Stone - October 15

Trevor Noah used the recently thwarted plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer as a jumping-off point for a deep dive into the history of militias. While early militias were formed to protect America, 21st-century militias seem more intent on ripping it apart; like the so-called Boogaloo Boys, who are driven by the belief that a second American Civil War is coming.

Let's consider a national 'divorce' so Americans can stay friends

Joe Mathews, Desert Sun - October 15

Division and cold civil war are our natural states, as befits a country that venerates its founding divorce filing, the Declaration of Independence. The path to peace is through disunity in America.

Yes, We are Headed for Violent Civil War

Jef Costello, Counter-Currents - October 8

The statistic that more Americans than ever expect civil war in the near future should shock us more than it has. There is a lot of evidence that Americans are preparing themselves for politically motivated violence, and there is plenty of evidence that the greatest threat of violence is from the Left, not the Right, but the Right will fight back: this is a recipe for civil war. Here are some of my predictions.

'This is Digital Civil War’: NY Post Editor Fumes After Facebook and Twitter Censor Biden Bombshell

Debra Heine, American Greatness - October 14

When Facebook and Twitter tried to prevent the spread of a story about Hunter and Joe Biden's dealings with Ukraine, it became a whole second story all itself.

FBI raids members of Boogaloo movement who hope for a second civil war

Mike Usery, The Dundalk Eagle - October 12

What is the Boogaloo movemnet, and what is its connection to civil war? Here's a description.

A Conversation with Marianne Williamson about "cold civil war"

Sally Quinn, The Washington Post - October 14

Sally Quinn asks Marriane Williamson to expound on her claim that we are in a cold civil war in America.

A smash-up of Left-wing and Right-wing media outlets on the foiled plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer

Jason Campbell, MediaMatters - October 12

Left-wing and Right-wing media interpreted the foiled plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer very differently. Here is a smash-up of several different media sources on the topic.

Will Donald Trump cause a Civil War?

Elizabeth Drew, The Japan Times - October 14

America’s capital is more on edge now than at perhaps any other time since the eve of the Civil War in 1860. The nonmedical crisis now facing the United States is that Trump doesn’t recognize limits. There is scant indication that he even understands, let alone respects, America’s constitutional order, the survival of which depends on whether those to whom power has been entrusted exercise restraint.

Is the U.S. facing a political civil war?

Jim W. Dean, Tehran Times - October 14

No matter what happens on November 3rd, the United States may be a bitter and divided country when the dust settles, but I fear the political bloodletting will just be beginning. If the Oval Office changes occupants, it will be hard to try to reunite the country.

Left-wing Radicals Post Online Guide to ‘Disrupting’ the Country if Election is Close

Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart - October 12

An organization of radical left-wing activists has posted an online guide to “disruption” that outlines a plan to shut down the country and force President Donald Trump from power in the event that the 2020 election is too close to call.

A few thoughts on the revival of communism and the coming second civil war

Ben Stein, The American Spectator - October 12

In 1850, no one thought the bloodiest conflict in the history of the Western hemisphere would start 11 years later because a government that claimed moral superiority, and threatened action on it, took office in Washington, D.C. I pray we never reach that stage again. But every day’s headlines tell me we are racing towards it.

Proud Boys Supporter Warns of 'Civil War' if Donald Trump Loses Election

Ewan Palmer, Newsweek - October 12

A video has emerged of a Proud Boys supporter warning that there will be a "civil war" if Donald Trump does not get re-elected in November and advises people to stock up on guns.

Is This The Third Reconstruction Or Second Civil War?

Arthur Lewin, ThyBlackMan - October 11

The legendary struggle for Black equality is actually this nation’s, on again off again, attempt to live up to the core values enunciated at its inception. There would have been no Civil Rights movement if the Civil War had succeeded, and there would have been no Civil War if the Founding Fathers had followed through on the reasons offered for creating the nation. 

America is at risk for another civil war

Jacob Sawyer, The - October 11

We have endured much this year, but the worst may yet be ahead of us. It is possible that our previous and current calamities may ultimately be building into a truly cataclysmic event: an all-out Second Civil War. Post-election mayhem could lead to a deadly surge in rioting and violence. Peaceful protests are acceptable and encouraged, but violence should never be tolerated.

Post-constitutional America

Nathan Pinkoski, First Things - October 11

Beginning with his essay “The Flight 93 Election,” published by the Claremont Review of Books in September 2016, Michael Anton has become famous—and infamous—as the foremost intellectual defender of the current president... He is a pundit addressing the American electorate in autumn 2020. But he is also what Harry Jaffa would call “the eternal political science professor addressing the eternal class.”

Pentagon plans to send in the army if militias descend on Washington in wake of disputed election

Barbara McMahon and Caroline Graham, Daily Mail - October 11

Chillingly, there is talk of a second American civil war. The Mail on Sunday has learned that Pentagon officials have drawn up plans to send in troops if rival militia groups attempt to descend on Washington after the bitterly contested November 3 election. Violent clashes have already led to more than two dozen deaths across the country as more and more Americans join gun-toting groups of paramilitaries.

The Next So-Called Civil War

Bill Kauffman, The Spectator US - October 9

The first civil war was tragic. All war is. Those online who expect a new civil war any minute think have no idea.

After plot against Gov. Whitmer, FBI on alert for eruptions of violence around election

Charles Ashby, The Daily Sentinel - October 10

The Colorodo governor and the Denver FBI division is on alert after the foiled plot to kidnap Michigan governer Whitmer. Gov. Polis thinks there is good reason to remain on high alert as violence is anticipated no matter what the election result.

The 'US Civil War' Narrative Is a Hoax

Luke Burgess, Energy & Capital - October 9

It's obvious that anyone predicting a "second civil war" in the United States is trying to conflate the social, political, and economic issues of our time to the American Civil War of the mid-19th century.

My father once thought we were headed toward civil war. Now, I too am concerned.

Rev. Candace McKibben, Tallahassee Democrat - October 9

During the civil rights era, my father suspected America was heading toward civil war. Recently, I have thought of his words as our nation seems more divided than ever in so many ways. It's all the more important that we vote in the right people in order to heal this nation.

Who are the Wolverine Watchmen? What is ‘boogaloo’?

Hank Winchester and Dane Kelly, ClickOnDetroit - October 9

The Wolverine Watchmen formed very recently. The group was formed by citizens angered about Whitmer’s orders during the pandemic. Here's what you need to know about them.

White Supremacists Are America's Greatest Threat

Walter Suza, Ames Tribune - October 9

White supremacists are a real danger inside the United States and it’s hypocritical of them to conceal hate behind a veil of patriotism — and suggesting that some belong more in the United States and have more rights to bear arms than others. These developments, including the plot to kidnap the Michigan governor, should concern every American. That’s not patriotism. Real patriotism is love for the entire nation and all living in it.

America on cusp of a Civil War: There will be no peaceful transfer of power

Scott Ritter, RT (Russia state-affiliated media) - October 9

Let there be no doubt—the US is on the verge of a crisis that will test it like no other in modern times. Both sides have staked out positions ostensibly founded on the basis of Constitutional law, and as such both sides can—and will—claim that the election is a matter of survival for the US. By defining the outcome in such a manner, both sides have created the condition where neither can accept anything other than victory.

Is America Tumbling Toward 1917 Russia?

Helen Andrews, The Imaginative Conservative - October 9

In August, word was leaked that a group of government officials and political operatives calling itself the Transition Integrity Project had gathered a few weeks earlier to game out possible election scenarios. In one... Joe Biden, refused to concede after winning the popular vote but losing narrowly in the Electoral College... Evidently, serious people on the Democratic side are thinking in very broad terms about what the coming months will bring.

The election for the soul and way of life of America

John Fonte, American Mind - October 5

The 2020 election is not a mere battle of the culture war, but a decisive struggle for the very regime, the primary view of justice that will give character to how all the laws and institutions in the land are interpreted. Just as the election of 1860 was a choice over what view of justice America would accept--and it could not accept both--so too the election of 2020.

Whitmer conspiracy allegations tied to 'boogaloo' movement

Ben Collins, Brandy Zadrozny, Tom Winter, and Corky Siemasko, NBC News - October 8

Several of the six men charged in federal court Thursday with a conspiracy to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer have ties to the 'Boogaloo' movemnet, which supposedly wants to cause a new civil war.

An American Coup Attempt

Sen. Ron Johnson, Wall Street Journal - October 8

The U.S. is in a constitutional crisis. It began on the day of President Trump’s election, when unelected bureaucrats mobilized against his presidency. This is a crisis in the executive branch, perpetrated by subordinate officials who don’t see themselves as answerable to the president. They have effectively established a fourth branch of government—a permanent, unaccountable bureaucracy.

Canada preparing for possibility of ‘some disruptions’ if U.S. election results unclear

Amanda Connolly, Global News - October 8

As Canadians anticipate likely civil unrest to follow the American presidential election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that his government is preparing "for all possible outcomes."

America ‘on the brink of civil war’ as HALF the country ‘expect violence’ over election day ‘fraud’

Tariq Tahir, The Sun - October 8

As civility in political discussion continues to breakdown, American edge closer to being willing to dehumaninze political opponents in a step closer to civil war.

Left and Right agree only on one thing: we are edging toward civil war

Ledyard King, USA Today - October 7

On the one hand, Americans have never seemed so divided politically, but on the other hand a new poll shows that Americans are coming together to agree about one thing: actual civil war does not seem unlikely as we approach the November election. Here's why both Left and Right sees trust melting away.

They Want You To Be Afraid So You Don't Notice The Coup They're Planning

Kurt Schlichter, TownHall - October 8

The elite doesn’t care if you catch the covid cold. It does care if you catch onto the cold civil war the elite is launching against you. They now if they can make you afraid, they can rule you without resistance. Trump is such a large threat to them because he does not fear them, and he mocks their pieties.

More important than who will win the election is who we will be after the results

Robert Russell Smith Elkton, Cecil Whig - October 7

We are currently in a vicious cycle of civil unrest and tension between the two political sides. We must find a way to defuse the 'cold civil war' that prevails. The only way out is to focus on the goal to bring 'liberty and justice for all.'

Nearly half of voters believe election won't be 'fair' & 61% worried outcome could spark civil war

Megan Sheets, Daily Mail - October 7

Nearly half of American voters from both major parties have lost confidence in the validity of the upcoming election as they prepare to cast ballots in just 27 days, a new poll shows. Meanwhile another survey of 491 registered voters offered an even more alarming conclusion about potential unrest in the wake of the election as 61 percent said they are worried that the US could be on the verge of another 'civil war'.

Spike Lee says Trump won't leave office if he loses: 'This could be a civil war'

Brian Flood, Fox News - October 7

“They might not be able to declare a winner. This could be a civil war,” Lee told Variety. Earlier this year, Lee mocked Trump and said his reelection would mean the “world is in peril.”

New report links Trump and NRA to rise of militias behind violent threats

Igor Derysh, Salon - October 5

A gun control advocacy group links the NRA to the extremism of modern militia movements, and Trump is at the forefrunt, inciting the groups into chaos. Trump's rhetoric has spurred on enthusiasm for violence, and with the NRA's help, gun ownership in the US has dramatically increased. All this increases the likelihood for civil disorder and even civil war.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Lawyers See His Case as a Battle in a Civil War

Samantha Michaels, Mother Jones - October 5

The battle over interpreting Kyle Rittenhouse as either a hero or a hater is just one front in a broader war being waged in American culture. L. Lin Wood, an attorney defending Rittenhouse, has become a face for a larger group of conspiracy theorists who imagine the political division in the country to be much darker than most people think. He, alone with Michael Anton...

The New American ‘Cold-Civil-War’: Looking Beyond The Biden-Trump Debate

Azly Rahman, Eurasia Review - October 6

Today, the conflict of the base and superstructure of the republic has reached a boiling point, in which the public is now seeing a new form of “cold civil war” — of race and economic waywardness — exploding. America is experiencing a catharsis, as if a serum of race-ethnic-economic extremism brought about by economic conditions of yet another passing of a new age...

America Is Having a Moral Convulsion, and It Might Not Recover

David Brooks, The Atlantic - October 5

America is in the midst of a roughly 60-year pattern in which it endures a kind of moral convulsion in which the trust that lays at the foundation of society is tested. The country has always recovered from these times of crisis, though, by relying on certain institutions that it may not be able to rely on anymore. There is no guarantee that America will survive the turmoil that Trump has put it through...

As our (un)civil war escalates, America is in throes of unrest unlike any in our 244-year history

Dennis Bedoya, Infosurhoy - October 5

The American left and right no longer inhabit a common moral universe. Further, the left and right no longer stand for the constituencies they traditionally represent. Today the division is not between a working class and manager class; it's between Trump and his supporters on the one hand and an alliance of entrenched government agencies and the media on the other. 

Egyptian Today: Second American Civil War

Al Khaleej Today - October 4

The first American civil war was a disagreement about values. So also today America is in a great disagreement about values. Trump threatens all the values that have existed since after WWII. The future now is uncertain.

Both the far right and far left want to achieve the far out: civil war

John Farmer Jr., The Hill - October 4

This is, in sum, a tinderbox moment in the American experiment in self-governance. There are forces at work, from both ends of the ideological spectrum, that seek not progress but chaos, not reform but destruction, not ordered liberty but sheer anarchy.

Trump-linked consultant tied to Facebook pages warning election will cause civil war

Jason Wilson, The Guardian - October 4

A militia-promoting father and son duo of fake news publishers and a Trump-connected social media consultant are linked to pages which promote the idea of an American civil war with material presented in a way that appears to be an effort to sidestep Facebook’s fact-checking system.

Are You Not Entertained?

Adam Selene, American Greatness - October 1

The only people who were shocked that the debate last week looked more like a brawl than a conversation about policy are the people who don't realize that we are way passed the deliberation stage: we are at the fighting stage. Trump was supposed to just accept epithets like "racist" without complaint. That's why he looked so unhinged by actually responding in a rational way to such abuse. The gloves are off.

Massive Mobilization: The Only Sure Way to Defend the Election

Jim Lafferty, LA Progressive - October 2

With Trump's COVID diagnosis, he and his followers will have to resort to ever more outrageous measures in order to ensure that he stays in office. We should expect Right-wing militia groups to start violent protests if Trump isn't reelected. Therefore, we must do more than vote: we must create a massive, sustained, and militant presence of our people in the streets of America.

The effort to bring down the political heat from civil war levels falls to us

Kris Korfata, Thomas H. Brantley, Montana Standard - October 2

A new nonprofit called Braver Angels works to depolarize political discussion and bring down the heat to help prevent civil war.

Avoiding the 1876 election scenario that nearly led to a newcivil war

Garret Johnson, The Hill - October 2

In the election of 1876, the country experienced a constitutional crisis that nearly led to a new civil war. Now in 2020, Americans are coming face to face again with the realization of the fragility of our constitutional order. Congress should act quickly to pass legislation to bolster Americans' trust in the legitimacy of the outcome of the election, or else we could be staring down the barrel of a threat of a new civil war ourselves.

No Civil War: An Urgent Plea to Left, Right

Ralph Schaffer, LA Progressive - October 1

This isn't 1861. If civil war were to break out, it would ravage every hamlet, town, and metropolis in America. Trump's instability and Biden's inability to control his radical wing could lead to devastation like we've never seen.

The Next Civil War?

Elizabeth Drew, Project Syndicate - October 2

As the November election approaches, the political and legal guns are being locked and loaded. With luck, real weapons won’t be used. But Trump has been encouraging violence since he first ran for office, and he doesn’t convincingly eschew it now.

Refusing to accept the results of a presidential election triggered the Civil War

Aaron Sheehan-Dean, The Washington Post - October 2

The American Civil War began because slaveholding Southern nationalists refused to recognize the lawful election of Abraham Lincoln. We are confronted with a similar crisis today.

Reports Indicate Right-Wing Militants Preparing For Civil War If Trump Loses In November

Marty Kelley, aka Doktor Zoom, Wonkette - October 1

Leaked information from the FBI Dallas field office suggests that Right-wing extremists are considering the use of violence as a political tool if the November election turns chaotic. Reports attached to article.

The Constitution's Electoral College is the real threat to American democracy

Gregory J. Wallance, The Hill - October 1

The Proud Boys are dangerous, but they are actually few in number, so even if Trump commands them, they do not pose a real threat to American democracy. The real threat to American democracy is the Constitution that the American Framers established with its "election doomsday machine known as the Electoral College."

Powder keg: 61% say United States ‘on verge of civil war,’ 52% already preparing

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner - October 1

A majority of Americans are bracing for the possibility of a politically-fired civil war, and more than half are already stockpiling food and other essential items to survive and fight back, according to a new survey.

Tom Friedman's comparison between Lebanon's civil war and America's situation are a step too far

Robert Frisk, Independent - October 1

I reported on the Lebanese civil war with Tom Friedman, and he should know better than to draw comparisons between that war and the current state of affairs in the US. It does a disservice to the discussion that needs to happen about the Middle East, and it uses those troubles to advance political unrelated ends in America.

Oath Keepers is a Pro-Trump Militant Group Has Recruited Thousands of Police, Soldiers, and Veterans

Mike Giglio, The Atlantic - October 1

People should know about the militia-like group with connections to white nationalists call the Oath Keepers. It attracts police, soldiers, and veterans with the thought of fighting a new civil war in America, and their ranks are swelling as the November election approaches. Here's what we know about them.

The Atlantic fuels ‘white supremacist’ fears: claims militia packed with cops & vets plotting civil war

Helen Buyniski, (Russia state-affiliated media) - October 1

Despite having a black vice president and despite denouncing several right-wing groups, Oath Keepers has been branded by media outlets as an extreme white supremacy group.

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