January 2021

MyPillow Guy Told Trump To Declare MARTIAL LAW?! w/ Jason Rantz

Timcast IRL - January 15

MyPillow guy supposedly telling Trump to do some martial law, Biden's plan for the future, Tucker mocking AOC, and whether or not we are, in fact, entrenched in a civil war.

Will There Be Another Civil War?

Jose Arteaga Podcast - January 15

Is Communism Really Coming To The USA? | Will There Be Another Civil War?

America's judgment, what will they do to stop a civil war?

J. Mack - January 15

They're saying they're going to be looking into this congressman and Senators to see if they had anything to do with the Insurrection. If so, what should America do to them?

Digital Civil War—Mass Deplatforming & Data Security!

Cocktails & Calamity - January 15

After the storming of the Capitol—Donald Trump and tens of thousands of Twitter users were deplatformed as Parler was expelled from the app stores and Amazon Servers. IT Ninja, Craig Rigby, James LeFrance, and Robert Haverly join us to discuss what this mean for the future of politics and how you can keep yourself safe in this new digital world?

Electric Boogaloo w/ Shemon and Arturo

The Antifada - January 14

Our guests from episode 127 stick around to discus a topic that's floating around more and more these days: civil war. What does the 1861-65 conflict and its aftermath tell us about the role that the proletariat must take in the coming months and years? And what are the stakes of the coming rupture?

Leftists incite, invite civil war; how USA can avoid it

What Catholics Believe - January 14

This episode was filmed 12 January 2021. Please visit wcbohio.com for more content and traditional Catholic Mass locations.

They Told Us Civil War Was Coming

Straight White American Jesus - January 14

Brad and Dan begin by recalling their episode from the eve of Trump's first impeachment, when the quoted a number of Evangelical leaders threatening/predicting civil war if Trump was impeached. Then, it seemed hyperbolic. Now, it is terrifying.

Demented Dems Vote to IMPEACH Trump for Second Time as SECESSION Support SURGES!!!

Steve Turley, Turley Talks - January 14

"We’re beginning to see more and more patriots embracing the notion that secession from the swamp in Washington DC is in the end now our only option.”

America Is Heading Towards Civil War

In the Clear - January 12

The far-right has decided that they want civil war and are actively drafting and executing plans to make it happen. If this comes to fruition it will be completely unprecedented in modern times. No, we won't be fighting a war between states, but insurgent groups headed by the Proud Boys and other fascist terrorist militias will be committing acts of extreme violence all over these united states fueled...

Cold Civil War (a Fitty/Fitty CENTate)

Call Your Own Foul - January 12

In this episode of Call Your Own Foul we discuss Steelers and football, free speech, the 50/50 Senate and more. You can help us out by sharing this episode with your friends.

Is the U.S. in a Cold Civil War? | Guest: Rep. Chip Roy

Matt Kibbe, Liberty.me Studio - January 12

Matt Kibbe sits down with Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) to talk about the deep political and social divisions running through the country that erupted into violence last week at the U.S. Capitol. Roy argues that frustration over the election is partly a proxy for a whole range of other frustrations Americans are feeling—and that the only solution is federalism and decentralization...

Trump's New Civil War

Adrian Goldberg, Byline Times Podcast - January 12

Donald Trump has become the first US President to be impeached for a second time but Byline Times global correspondent CJ Werleman believes he'll be remembered for something else - inciting a new American civil war. CJ correctly predicted that Donald Trump would try to "steal" the US election and in this wide ranging interview - which also encompasses the Q Anon conspiracy theory - ...

New Year, Same Civil War

Open Mike Podcast with Roohkage - January 11

Only a week and some change to see how 2021 is going. How are we going to survive this civil war. What words can you say now?? Being censored on social media and openly talking about it you are on the spectrum.

New Year, Same Civil War

Open Mike Podcast with Roohkage - January 11

Only a week and some change to see how 2021 is going. How are we going to survive this civil war. What words can you say now?? Being censored on social media and openly talking about it you are on the spectrum.

Walkaway Movement Founder: We’re ‘in the midst of a cold civil war'

Dr. Gina Prime Time - January 11

Walkaway Movement founder, Brandon Straka, discusses how his Walkaway nonprofit is being deplatformed on social media, email services, and fundraising sites.

Civil War in America

His Gossip - January 11

Civil War in America

Civil War Part 2?

Sorry Not Sorry with Mark and Rob - January 11

So we definitely had a crazy week that seems to be getting crazier every day. In this episode we discuss the storm on the capitol building, the 25th amendment, media censorship, and more! We have to prepare for the worst because there is allot of crazy stuff being put into place for our near future. Let us know your thoughts and stay safe out there.

The Cold Civil War

Socratic Citizen - January 11

The online crackdown isn't confined to Trump; conservatives and right-wingers who supported Trump, or even those who supported his policies, are in many cases also facing a crackdown. Many on the right (and left) have predicted a coming "cold civil war" for years now. Is it finally upon us, and what, if anything, can be done about it?

Civil War 2 – What To Expect

Prep Or Die - January 11

The Left is in an all our war with President Trump and Conservatives, and violence between the two seems to be escalating. Has the 2nd American Civil war already begun? If so, what does it look like over the next year and what lessons can we learn from past civil wars in America and abroad?

Surrender, Succession, or Civil War

The Jacob Johnston Show - January 10

If the Democrats don't end their assault on democracy, the Constitution, and our freedoms, they leave only three options. Surrender to oppression, succession, or civil war.

Live Reflections on The Capitol Siege with Isaac Wyant

Postmodern Patriot Podcast - January 10

On today’s episode Isaac Wyant and I sit down to discuss live reflections on what happened at our nation’s capitol on January 6th, 2021. We discuss why comments about things like civil war, insurrection, and revolution are unacceptable. Isaac shares an interesting opinion on the impact that memes are having in serious discussion. Once again we fall back to how social media perpetuates negative action...

Dems vs Trump #Impeachment & #Twitter Cancels #DonaldTrump

The Stephanie Little Radio Show - January 11

The Democrats who now has control over the Senate still wants to impeach Trump they are waiting for #MikePence decision on the 25th amendment to remove Trump & Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites have or have cancelled Trump. Trump should be on suicide watch & could a civil war be brewing because of this. Plus inauguration fears...

United States Torn To Pieces, More Divided Than Civil War

The Christopher Scott Show - January 9

Christopher Scott is the author of Common Sense By Thomas Paine in Modern English which he spent over a year translating form the original manuscript. Making him, arguably the authority on Common Sense. This common sense perspective sets his commentary apart from other podcast channels. Because it’s a podcast about ideas it also sets the Christopher Scott Show...

Civil War II is on the Horizon

Late Night Layover - January 8

From America on the brink of destruction, to just having fun streams with Raul and Ryan. Your flight is later, so enjoy the layover!

Political Scientist Warns Of A Second Civil War After Capitol Riot

KPBS News - January 7

Barbara F. Walter, a political scientist at UCSD, has been sounding the alarm about a rise in political violence. She explores how rioting at the Capitol could implicate a Second Civil War.

The Crisis is Far from Over. Be Prepared

The NFN Radio News Podcast - January 8

The flames of hate and distrust that Donald Trump has stoked among his true believers are still burning and America had best be braced for more violence when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are inaugurated January 20.

Civil War II is on the Horizon

Late Night Layover - January 8

From America on the brink of destruction, to just having fun streams with Raul and Ryan.

CIVIL WAR!? Let's Talk DC And The Storming Of The Capital

The Grey & Gold Podcast - January 6

How close are we to a civil war? Has all potential discourse disappeared or is there still an opportunity to right the ship? If there is no common ground to stand on and the country is irreparably divided what're our options and what peaceful future do we have to look forward to (if any).

A New Civil War?

Brutal Politics - January 6

Kyle discusses what occurred on January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol and raises the question of what solutions aggrieved voters have to redress when they are shut out and ignored by all institutions

Civil War is a brewing

In the Stuio with Rubio - January 6

Daily dose of the most necessarily important non-important useless yet crucial commentary from everything politics to pop culture to just straight weird from a comedians point of view. Episodes/Podcast of "In the Studio with Rubio" drop daily Monday-Saturday. Join Kris on Tuesdays and Saturdays for some epic live-streaming simulcasting across all all socials...


America Divided - January 6

THE CIVIL WAR IS STARTING… 64 days after election day in America and, American PATRIOTS storm Capitol Hill demanding President Trump's re-election Be CERTIFIED!

Trumpers vs. the Capitol Building

Transnational - January 6

Well apparently it's time for Civil War II. Our only hope is that these dumbasses go home early to f*#k their dads.

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