"We Are Now In a Civil War"

LaRouche PAC - October 20

"We Are Now In a Civil War" under this title, NSA whistle blowers Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe spoke yesterday at a press availability organized by LaRouchePAC to expose the continuing lawlessness of the shadow government, which has been running the regime change coup against President Trump for nearly four years. Today we explore issues raised by discoveries on Hunter Biden's laptop, and...

I Don't Need No Civil War

War Stories Official Podcast - October 20

Elliot joins Tom and they answer the question we've been getting a lot lately: Will we have a second Civil War? The answer might surprise you.

Catholic Conscience 2.0 E12-What would cause a second Civil War

Prayer N lunch - October 20

An election prayer

Episode 76 Civil War

The 2nd is For Everyone - October 19

In this episode I discuss America's next Civil War, Kyle Rittenhouse and Breonna Taylor. I review the High Tower Armory 90/22 bullpup chassis for the Ruger 10/22.

How America Could Fall (with David French)

Free Thoughts - October 19

The U.S. is less united than at any time in our history since the Civil War. We are more diverse in our beliefs and culture than ever before. But red and blue states, secular and religious groups, liberal and conservative idealists, and Republican and Democratic representatives all have one thing in common: each believes their distinct cultures and liberties are being threatened by an escalating violent opposition.

Prevent Civil War: The Constitutionalist Citizenry Must Overthrow The GOP Rino Establishment!

THE EXPERTS podcast - October 19

The Only Way To Prevent A Civil War Is For The Constitutionalist Citizenry to Overthrow The GOP Rino Establishment! One of the reasons the nation is crumbling is because GOP Rico's and their groupies are self absorbed pseudo-celebrities, NOT constitutionalists.

Election, Civil War Ice Cube

Under the Sun with Sunnie Morrison - October 15

Early voting has started. Win or lose Civil war by proud boys and Qnon. Ice cube has teamed up with the CIC about the platinum plus plan for black America.

A House Divided - The Election of 1860 vs. 2020

Millennial in the Middle - October 15

We have all heard people say things like “we have never been more divided,” “the stakes have never been higher.” You might have even heard people say “we are headed for another civil war!” Today we dive into history to look at the time our country was more divided than ever.

America is too Fat for a Civil War

Anabolic Hipster - October 15

America is too Fat for a Civil War

Set History Straight- Is a Civil War Coming?

Hebrew Nation Online - October 15

We will be talking about the possibility of an America Civil War coming after the election. What do we as believers do? Does scripture support fighting in a war? What should be our perspective?

Civil War

Simply J - October 12

My rant(opinion) on the new age civil war that is being pushed on us. Disclaimer My rants should not be taken as advice, I do NOT accept any liability for any of you taking my rants as advice, you have free will and therefore can do whatever you want.

To Avoid a Second Civil War, Please Listen Closely

The American Reveille Podcast - October 12

In the 35th episode of the American Reveille Podcast, I discuss how the murder of Lee Keltner edges us closer to Civil War.

How To Avoid a Civil War

Mike Selinker, Dilemma Podcast - October 12

Jay goes down the dark paths that might lie ahead spurred by the 2020 US election with Mike Selinker. Mike is an award winning game designer and game theorist who writes frequently about politics. What are the historical analogies that could warn us and help us steer clear of the dangers?

Is America in a Second Civil War?

The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow - October 10

Robert Evans is a journalist with Bellingcat, and host of the podcast "It Could Happen Here"

Is the United States on the brink as it was pre 1861 civil war?

Roy Green Show - October 10

Is the United States on the brink as it was pre 1861 civil war? John Zogby, The Zogby Report

Civil War? It is Possible

Gist Chat - October 10

Civil War? It is Possible

David French on How to Prevent a Civil War

The Braver Angels Podcast - October 9

David French, Senior Editor of The Dispatch, has a new book called “Divided We Fall” about why America is so polarized, how it could tilt into civil war, and ways we can stop that from happening. On this episode of the Braver Angels Podcast, he talks to Ciaran O’Connor and Greg Steinbrecher about his book, how and why polarization has gotten...

Trump/Biden Debates, and new civil war

Discourse of Human Events - October 8

What is causing the current downfall of America. We also discuss if it comes to it which side would win an American civil war, the right or the left?

"It Could Happen Here" podcast

Four Grown-Ass Women - October 8

In this episode we discuss the podcast "It Could Happen Here," about the next American civil war.

Is a Civil War Coming???

The Ernie Brown Show - October 6

Ernie discusses a new poll which shows it may be a possibility.

Civil War Is Coming

Disturbing the Peace - October 6

The Trump’s cannot trust anyone, what we learned from the debate, is civil war coming? And news from Florida

Civil War in America Part 1

Cooper Stuff Podcast - October 6

Civil War in America Part 1. This week’s Cooper stuff talks about the polarization amongst Americans and nuances the ideologies that are being disguised as a racial divide. It is leading to a revolution that has already begun. Words have been redefined, history has been rewritten, the Media has chosen its side, and many are being used as useful idiots to promulgate the propaganda.

Are We Currently in a Civil War? (explicit)

The Literate ApeCast - October 4

D&D start off congenial enough — a moment with David’s kid, some brief discussion of the presidential debate. Then the pleasantries are discarded as they battle it out on the question: Are We Currently in a Civil War in America? It gets ugly.

Is Civil War in the United States Likely?

Politics In Its Place - October 4

Unfortunately, Ermin and Elvis have some experience with civil war. They fled Socialist Yugoslavia in late 91'. We weigh in on whether, and to what extent, the situation in the United States seems similar to the situation in the Former Yugoslavia.

CIVIL WAR: The Left's Election-Night War Game

American Conservative University - October 4

The Left has big plans for this election, and we could be just four weeks away from the fundamental transformation of America. They've been building a network of street activists since 2008, and the plan is to unleash them on November 3. Tonight Glenn reveals everything: how the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street weren't spontaneous uprisings...

Is America Headed for Civil War?

Alabama Liberal - October 2

In this strong episode, Alabama Liberal takes a deep dive into a question being asked seriously in American media. Topics include the “rebel flag,” why social/economic/military conservatives should hate Trump, how unlikely it is that a New York sex addict snob commands such a large Southern following, Trump’s Ivy League snobbery at the debate, a brief history of the causes leading up to the Civil War ...

Rover Evans on another US Civil War

Live Like the World is Dying - October 2

Civil War in America: a novel version of an old phenomenon.

Civil War 2020

The Conor Show - October 3

Today I spoke with J.C. Peters about the upcoming chances of a Civil War. J.C. is the author of History That Changed the World (Odyssea Publishing, 2017). He has been published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, on CNBC, The Hill, Quartz, and more. After considering the civil unrest and upcoming election, J.C. wrote an article laying out how a possible civil war would both begin and look in the United States:

SHOCK POLL: Over Half of Americans believe second civil war is coming and are prepping

American Conservative University - October 3

SHOCK POLL: Over Half of Americans believe second civil war is coming and are prepping and NYT Writer Says 2nd Civil War Is COMING

Is the U.S. Headed for a Second Civil War?

Revolution and Ideology - October 1

Is the United States headed for a second Civil War as a result of the 2020 election?

A new poll found a majority of Americans believe a civil war is brewing.

The Glenn Beck Program - October 1

A new poll found a majority of Americans believe a civil war is brewing.

Anarchy and civil war after the election?

The David Pakman Show - October 1

Caller thinks anarchy and civil war could break out after the election

CNN Anchor SHOCKED When NYT Writer Says Civil War Unless Trump Wins In A Landslide

Tim Pool Daily Show - October 1

Thomas Friedman warned that unless Trump wins there will be a civil war, but then says vote for Joe Biden.

Civil War: Cain And Abel In The Streets!

Nineveh Now! - October 1

Civil unrest is one step closer to civil war. Unity needs to happen before it's too late!

The Drums of Civil War are Beating

American Conservative University - October 1

The Drums of Civil War are Beating

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